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Anti-Gun Family Members & Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving. The time of year when family gets together to talk about the things they are most thankful for. Well, except for Lucy, who is home from college with her new bright pink hair and face full of piercings. She was normal when she left for college, but now, she wakes up every morning looking for things to be offended by. This Thanksgiving, she picked guns. So, what do you do when anti-gun family members want to talk about gun control at the Thanksgiving table?

What Do You Do When Anti-Gun Family Members Talk About Gun Control During Thanksgiving?

Of course, Lucy, above, is just one example of someone who likes to foist their ideas on everyone else. These people seem to come out of the woodwork at the worst possible times. For whatever reason, they think that family gatherings mean everyone is there to hear about whatever makes them miserable today. It can be tiresome.

Of course, you can always leave. But why let them steal your joy? This is your family too. There is always the option of arguing with them. But let’s face it, they love to scream and argue, which still gives them what they want—everyone’s misery.

But there is always hope, and we turned to you, the reader, for some of your ideas on how to handle this situation. As usual, you didn’t disappoint.

Here are some of the favorites that you shared with us in a “Real Talk” discussion on Facebook.

Everyone Is Armed

See? This is why I love you people. No part of me is surprised by the fact that most of our readers come from gun-loving families. So, it is no wonder that many of our readers don’t have this problem.

“Not my family. Everyone owns a firearm.”

“What’s that? Ain’t got none!”

“No Problem here – All my family members are armed.”

“None of my family are, so….”

“Don’t have to worry about it.”

“There are no anti-gun members in my family.”

“Don’t have any in my family.”

“Luckily the family I see on Thanksgiving are gun owners.”

“Wonder how I’m in the wrong house.”

“This is easy, we have no anti-gun family or friends.”

“I don’t have any anti-gun family members. We are all sane.”

“Tell said family member they were obviously adopted.”

“As far as I know, there are no anti-gun people in my family.”

“All of my family are pro 2A.”

“My anti-gun family member converted I’m good.”

“No one in my family is anti-gun. Always a good Thanksgiving.”

A Little Humor Goes a Long Way

I have always been a fan of using humor to defuse a situation. Some people love to argue, but no one likes being laughed at. However, sometimes they just make it so easy you have to take advantage of it. So, if arguing with them is getting you nowhere, try shaming them. You might be surprised how fast they give up.

“I have said, ‘Impressive. Every word in that sentence is wrong.’”

“Tell them the NRA paid for the turkey. After dinner, while sipping your Black Rifle coffee.”

“Ask who wants to go shoot. :D”

I do. Wait, you probably mean your family members at the dinner table.

“Throw giblets at them.”

Oh no, not the giblets…

“Try not to look at them like they are a moron the rest of the day.”

But it’s so hard not to.

“Ask them if they want to talk about religion next.”

Everyone’s second favorite subject.

“Load mags during desert.”

Well, they’re not going to load themselves. Much like a gun can’t shoot itself.

“Tell them you promise not to use your gun [if] someone attacks them.”

Seems fair.

“Tell them we need idiot control.”

It could solve some problems.

“Start talking about cool guns.”

“Ask someone to ‘please pass the CLP, I mean gravy.’”

You guys don’t mind if I clean my guns while we eat, do you?

Never Miss an Opportunity to Educate

Although they may not listen (who knows, they might), it never hurts to try and slip some facts in there. Even if they refuse to listen, you may still convince someone who is on the fence about it. View the discussion as a debate and use that time to convince those who really don’t know. Even if they try screaming and arguing, just stay calm and state the facts.

“I correct all their incorrect lingo and information.”

“Have them watch videos like this:”

“I ask them who would have all the guns, if guns were outlawed[.] Then I ask them [if] they really believed that the nice man that gets people their cocaine, couldn’t also get them a Glock if they wanted one? I then ask them to pass the gravy.”

“Ask them how many people die on the roads daily from Texting, talking, [and] playing on their Cell Phones whilst driving?”

“Ask them if the cops they called ‘all bad’ last year are going to solve the problem.”

“I usually ask them which other freedoms they wish to ask permission to use?”

Remember Your Childhood and Just Ignore Them

You know? This is Thanksgiving. Instead of getting upset or getting into a confrontation and ruining a family gathering, practice what you were taught as a kid. Just ignore them. Sure, they may keep going and make a scene. But that is on them.

Besides, once they realize that no one is listening, or cares, they may finally decide to shut up about it. Hey, anything can happen. It’s Thanksgiving, after all.

“Eat my food and watch football.”

“Just ignore them and have another drink.”

“Ignore them.”

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Personal Defense World.
We hope that you and your family have much to be thankful for and have a wonderful, confrontation-free gathering!

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