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Hidden Weapons for Self-Defense: Weapons in Disguise

Personal safety should never be taken lightly. Although your environment may appear calm, docile, and free of crime, the fact is you may be a stalker’s intended victim. Or you may simply be the unfortunate victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way, you need to be able to protect yourself when deadly trouble comes your way. For this reason, companies offer self-defense weapons that are hidden until needed—without being overtly menacing.

Hidden Weapons Designed for Self-Defense

Carrying weapons to fend off an assailant is an important part of bolstering your self-defense plan. However, hefting around a knife, club, or large stun gun can attract attention from good and bad people alike. Not to mention, it may also make you appear as the “bad guy,” which can cause you all sorts of problems with curious citizens and law enforcement personnel alike.

However, there is a solution to the problem of carrying a weapon concealed from prying eyes. Specifically, using a weapon in disguise. These knives, sticks, stun guns, and even canes take the guise of everyday objects. This can include cellphones, umbrellas, lipstick tubes, keychains, and more.

Clandestine weapons of this sort provide you with the tools to defend yourself at a moment’s notice without attracting attention. Furthermore, attackers won’t know what hit them as you go from an innocent victim to a hardcore defender with—figuratively speaking—a wolf in sheep’s clothing by your side.

1. Spyderco Dog Tag Folder Knife

Dog tags tell a lot about someone. However, this dog tag can help protect that someone from a cowardly, unprovoked attack. Constructed of black carbon fiber and G10 with an inlaid detent arm, this transforming tool goes from necklace-hanging ornament to self-defense weapon in no time flat.

Best of all, when closed, this extra-sharp blade hangs innocently around your neck. So, no one is the wiser about its devastating potential if or when trouble comes your way.


  • Overall length: 3.23 inches.
  • Titanium carbonitride coating.
  • Carbon fiber/G10 laminate handle.
  • Non-locking folder held in position by a detent mechanism.
  • Easily hidden from prying eyes.

MSRP: $102.00 – $129.95

For more information, please visit Spyderco.com.

2. CRKT Williams Defense Key

Hidden Weapons for Self-Defense: CRKT Williams Defense Key.

Just attach this to your everyday keychain for an always-in-your-hand defense tool. Created by a former U.S. Army officer and martial arts instructor, this weapon appears as an ordinary key. However, it can jump into action quickly to strike an assailant’s vital areas and pressure points.

This cleverly disguised weapon features an ergonomic handle and pointed tip. This makes it ideal for a nonstop attack against a “bad guy.”


  • Appears as an ordinary key.
  • Durable 3Cr13 steel.
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handle.
  • Easily attaches to most keyrings.
  • Easy-to-use self-defense applications.

MSRP: $10.00

For more information, please visit CRKT.com.

3. Streetwise Rechargeable SamStun Cellphone Stun Gun

Streetwise Rechargeable SamStun Cellphone.

Everyone has a cell phone in today’s world. This is why this “shocking” weapon will go unnoticed by those out to do you harm—until it’s too late for them, that is!

Underneath the facade of this “phone” rages an electrical beast that delivers six million volts into an assailant’s body. Just the blue charge alone crackling in front of an attacker may make him turn tail and run.

This unit is equipped with a disable pin, so it can’t be used on you. Additionally, its compact size easily fits inside purses, pockets, and in the palm of your hand as you walk down the dark, creepy streets of wherever life takes you.


  • Discreet protection; appears as an ordinary cellphone.
  • Integrated LED flashlight.
  • Disable pin prevents others from using it against you.
  • Deluxe holster for easy carry.
  • AC adapter with charge-level indicator light.

MSRP: $61.95

For more information, please visit SelfDefenseGearCo.com.

4. Streetwise Stunbrella

Hidden Weapons for Self-Defense: Streetwise Stunbrella.

An umbrella can be carried for both rain and blinding sun. So, no one will suspect that the compact umbrella you’re carrying is actually a stun gun.

This compact model features an umbrella’s characteristics with the body-jolting power of an electrical charge for anyone giving you trouble. Carry it normally, and when needed, the unit activates with just a push of a button on the handle.

This 10-inch weapon offers both long reach and the element of surprise. And you’ll be singing in the rain as your attacker collapses to the ground.


  • Activation button built into grip.
  • Long-reach self-defense.
  • Bright LED light in flashlight mode.
  • Contoured handle for comfortable, realistic grip.
  • Rechargeable battery uses standard wall outlet.

MSRP: $37.95

For more information, please visit StreetWiseSecurity.com.

5. Police Force Tactical Expandable Steel Keychain Baton 

Police Force Tactical Expandable Steel Keychain Baton.

Your keys go virtually everywhere you do, and now a self-defense weapon joins you on your trips. Appearing as a keychain accessory, this blunt striking weapon extends with the flick of your wrist at the first sign of trouble coming your way.

The baton offers reach against a knife-wielding attacker, delivering precision strikes on his vital areas with the solid metal tip. It provides the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll have a fighting chance to make it home safely.


  • Appears as a keychain accessory.
  • High-quality, solid-steel construction.
  • Extends from 5.5 inches to 12 inches almost instantly.
  • Includes keyring for adding daily-use keys.
  • Precision striking tip increases impact damage.

MSRP: $19.95

For more information, please visit TheHomeSecuritySuperstore.com.

6. Defense Divas Pepper Shot Pepper Self-Defense Pen

Hidden Weapons for Self-Defense: Defense Divas Pepper Shot Pepper Self-Defense Pen.

It’s difficult to carry a self-defense weapon at the office, but this “pen” fixes that. Appearing as a sophisticated ink pen, this mini-marvel quickly transforms into a viable weapon by removing the pen cap.

With a few squirts into an assailant’s face, he’ll be in agonizing, burning pain for up to 45 minutes. That’s more than enough time to overpower him or to seek help. This is an ideal self-defense weapon for men, women, and college students for on-campus protection.


  • 10% pepper spray mixture.
  • Rated at two million Scoville units.
  • Easily carried in a shirt pocket with an integrated pen clip.
  • Appears as an ordinary ink pen.
  • Causes no permanent damage or injury.

MSRP: $16.95

For more information, please visit DivasForDefense.com.

7. KA-BAR TDI Self-Defense Cane

KA-BAR TDI Self-Defense Cane.

Yes, most canes can be used for self-defense, often with mixed results. However, this beauty was created solely to dish out punishment to those who cross your path intending to do you harm.

The cane is constructed of 5052-H32 aluminum with a discreet black powder coating. Its hooked handle provides pinpoint strikes to an assailant’s face and body. Correspondingly, its over-three-foot length allows for long-range defense against handheld weapons. The attacker may see you as an easy target, but that could be the worst mistake he ever makes.


  • Heavy-duty, black powder-coated aluminum body.
  • Overall length: 39 inches.
  • Can be cut shorter for personal fit.
  • Weight: 2.15 pounds.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

MSRP: $222.92

For more information, please visit Kabar.com.

8. Shar-Key Self-Defense Keychain

Hidden Weapons for Self-Defense: Shar-Key Self-Defense Keychain.

It’s just another bauble on your keychain—or is it? That question will be answered when someone attacks you, and they will not like the answer.

This nonlethal self-defense weapon allows you to carry it discreetly anywhere without raising suspicion. Its fish-shaped design provides three firm striking points. Likewise, its hollow body houses your hand for both applying intense power and protecting your knuckles. Go fish!


  • Three distinct striking points.
  • Finger indentations for a firm grip.
  • Won’t alert metal detectors.
  • Discreet and appears as a keychain accessory.
  • Offers knuckle protection.

MSRP: $10.95

For more information, please visit StreetSmartProtection.com.

This article was originally published in the Skillset Winter 2022 issue. Purchase this issue in print or digital at OutdoorGroupStore.com.

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