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New for Teal Hunters: Winchester XPERT High Velocity Steel

In the game field, it is just as important to match the ammunition to the game as it is to the firearm. Waterfowlers rely on non-toxic shot shells due to environmental concerns in swampish areas. Even so, not all non-toxic shells are created equal as waterfowl are. Teal hunters know that problem very well, and nothing will substitute a high-density, high-velocity load. Enter Winchester‘s new XPERT High Velocity Steel shotshell, made with teal hunters in mind.

Winchester has a new shotshell tailored for teal hunters. [Winchester Ammunition]

Teal are light, nimble birds known for their high-speed acrobatics. For the bird hunter, their lead has to be equally as fast and tight. The load to hit them with cannot be lethargic either. The XPERT load is currently available in 12-gauge with the choice of either a standard 2.75-inch or 3-inch Magnum shell. Both pack a payload of 1.125 ounces of No. 6 steel bird shot. This size of shot is ideal for teal and other smaller ducks and game birds. The smaller shot size also facilitates a denser pattern compared to more popular No. 4 shot loads.

Both versions of the XPERT steel shell boast truly high velocities, with the 2.75-inch standard shell running at a muzzle velocity of 1,400 feet per second, while the more powerful Magnum shell clocks in at an advertised velocity of 1,550 feet per second. No matter which you pick, the Winchester XPERT shell ships in boxes of 25 or cases of 250 shells. Check for pricing and availability at your favorite physical and online shooting sports shops.

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