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Smith & Wesson 1854 Lever-Action Now Available In .45 Colt

Smith & Wesson 1854 Lever-Action Now Available In .45 Colt

We take a look at Smith & Wesson’s new Model 1854 lever-action rifle in .45 Colt.

Smith & Wesson joined the lever gun craze earlier this year with the release of the Model 1854. While it was available with either traditional wood furniture or dressed up a bit more modern, it was initially only offered chambered for .44 Magnum. Now, Smith & Wesson is offering it in .45 Colt as well.


Besides the new chambering, the .45 Colt Model 1854 rifles are the same as their .44 Mag. counterparts. Features that they share include 19.25-inch barrels, 11/16-24 threaded muzzles, 9-round magazine tubes, Picatinny rail optic mounts, XS Sights ghost ring/gold bead sights and flat triggers. They also have the same large loop levers, impressively smooth actions and side-loading gates. And, of course, the .45 Colt 1854 rifles are also available with either textured walnut furniture or polymer furniture that features M-LOK slots for accessories.


The final detail shared between the .44 Mag. and .45 Colt Model 1854 rifles is their price. MSRP for the traditional wood-stocked variants is $1,399 and MSRP for models with polymer furniture is $1,279. Both are available now.

For more information, visit smith-wesson.com.

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