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The Faxon FX-19-LT Line Provides Budget-Friendly FX-19 Options

In a world of Glock-pattern pistols, the Faxon FX-LT line does it with style, and now it’s a little more affordable with the FX-19-LT line. Modeled after the G19, the pistols are compatible with G19 mags and come with Glock OEM magazines for dependable feeding. In addition, match series G19 barrels and optic cut slides help deliver maximum accuracy.

The Faxon Firearms FX-19-LT Line

Delivering a lightweight, durable, and ergonomic platform, the FX-19-LT line is built on SCT polymer frames. Correspondingly, the frames feature a 1911-style grip angle with aggressive grip texturing for excellent ergonomics and retention. Likewise, the double undercut trigger guard allows for a high purchase while the bottom and front texturing assist with retention.

In addition, just forward the trigger guard is a four-slot Picatinny rail for attaching a light or laser. Designed with reliability in mind, the FX-19-LT line runs on G19 magazines, known for their robust construction and dependable feeding. Likewise, each pistol ships with 10-round Glock OEM magazines.

(Photo by Faxon Firearms)

Riding atop the frame, on custom polished front and rear slide rails, is your choice of a Patriot or Hellfire LT slide. Correspondingly, the slides feature a 416-R stainless steel finish and DLC coating for a durable, sleek, premium finish. Both options include aggressive, stylish, enhanced forward, rear, and top cocking serrations. However, the Hellfire LT model also includes side and top slide windows to help lighten it and showcase the stylish fluted barrel.

The Hellfire LT slide features suppressor-height night sights for co-witnessing with an optic. Likewise, the Patriot slide includes a fiber-optic front sight that provides a lower 1/3 co-witness with red dot sights. However, both slides feature an optic cut with the Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C footprint.

The pistol’s feature Faxon’s precision-crafted non-threaded match series barrels, designed for the G19, chambered in 9mm. Crafted of 416-R bar stock, the barrels offer tighter tolerances and lockup compared to OEM counterparts. Additionally, the Hellfire LT barrel features Faxon’s patented Flame Fluting technology.

The Faxon Firearms FX-19-LT Line.
(Photo by Faxon Firearms)


The Faxon FX-19-LT line is available now, with MSRPs of $775.00 – $850.00, depending on model. For more info, please visit FaxonFirearms.com.

“We are very excited to offer this take on our FX-19 Line,” said Dustin Wallace, Director of Sales & Marketing at Faxon Firearms.” The FX-19-LT series is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality products at an accessible price point, without sacrificing the precision and performance our customers expect.”



  • Faxon Match Series G19 Barrel – Patriot
  • Faxon Match Series G19 Flame Fluted Barrel – Hellfire LT
  • Machined in-house from 416-r Stainless Steel
  • Enhanced front, rear, and top serrations
  • Optic cut for Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C
  • Machined posts in optic cuts for optic locating and recoil absorption
  • Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Finish
  • Fiber-Optic Front Sight (Lower 1/3 Co-Witness w/Red Dot) – Patriot
  • Suppressor-Height Night Sights – Hellfire LT


  • SCT® Manufacturing Frame
  • Custom Polished Front & Rear Slide Rails
  • Double Undercut Trigger Guard
  • MSRP: $775.00 (Patriot), $850.00 (Hellfire LT)

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