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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Female Shooters [2023]

Shopping for a female shooter isn’t always easy. Slapping some pink on a gun and calling it a day doesn’t suffice. Rather than getting advice from someone who might not know what they’re talking about, here’s advice on Christmas gifts for that female shooter in your life from an actual female shooter.

Give the Christmas Gift the Female Shooter in Your Life Really Wants

Otis Defender Cleaning Kit (MSRP: from $84.99)

Who has used the excuse before that you couldn’t clean your firearms because your tools were all over the house? Patches were here, gun oil was there, cleaning rod … check in the kitchen utensil drawer?

The Otis Defender Series kit is packed full of everything you need. Originally designed for soldiers, with its convenient case there’s no reason you shouldn’t take it everywhere you #pewpew.

It’s a 100 percent Breech-to-Muzzle system with cables and brushes. It also includes Otis’ easy-to-use Ripcord for a quick down-and-dirty clean. The Defender Cleaning Kit comes in a variety of calibers for both pistols and rifles.

Maglula upLULA Mag Loader (MSRP: Hard to say, but can’t buy direct on Amazon — I usually see it for $39.99 at gun shops, Bass Pro, Cabela’s etc.)

The Maglula Mag Loader.

The UpLULA was a game-changer for a friend of mine who was making the jump from .22 to 9mm. The last rounds are always the hardest. It’s also a great tool for fast reloading during competitions. I love it to reduce fatigue and soreness in my thumbs during a match.

They come in a variety of colors and calibers, so pick your favorite! Also, check out Maglula’s rifle mag loading system.

MantisX Shooting Performance System (MSRP: from $99.99)

Give the female shooter in your life the gift of affordable dry fire practice with the MantisX system.

This system is like having a trainer with you in your pocket. The small accessory attaches to your pistol or rifle’s rail. No rail? No worries — they have adapters. It pairs via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

The system works with live fire, dry fire, airsoft, and CO2. It analyzes every shot before, during, and after the trigger pull and gives you feedback on how to improve your shooting. You can see exactly how you are moving the barrel, if you are flinching, in what direction, or if there is anything else wrong with your shooting mechanics.

With regular app updates, the system keeps getting better and better. The best part? You can tell that “tacti-bro” to leave you alone at the range — you got this. 

Dry Fire Pillow (MSRP: $18.99)

dry fire pillow

Make your place stylish for the holidays with one of Armed in Style’s dry fire pillows. All cute on one side, all business on the other. They come in a variety of target styles including IDPA, USPSA, and competition targets. Pick your favorite print and check out their Christmas-themed ones.

5.11 Ashima Leggings (MSRP: $64.00)

5.11 ashima leggings

Since we live in a time where “athleisure” is the go-to look for many women, these attractive leggings are perfect for dash-out-the-door wear. These ankle-length leggings have abrasion-resistant panels at the upper side hips and back for long-term wear. The side pockets keep cellphones and keys secure and the back zip-close pocket holds extra necessities. The leggings were designed with moisture wicking and anti-odor fabric so you’ll never have to worry about being sweaty or smelly after particularly rigorous workouts.

Wiley WX Valor Shooting Glasses (MSRP: $108)

Wiley WX Valor Shooting Glasses.

It’s a struggle to find tactical eyewear to fit a women’s smaller face. These glasses are lightweight and stay put. With three interchangeable lenses (clear, smoke grey, and rust), and a convenient carrying case, you can go from indoor to outdoor with ease.

Wiley X products is veteran-founded, made in the U.S., and used by military and law enforcement. The shatterproof polycarbonate lenses meet military ballistic standards. I have taken some serious frag hits to mine and it never left a scratch.

Most models can be fitted with a prescription for those who require corrective lenses. Polarized lenses are optional. Invest once and rest easy.

Blade-Tech Competition Speed Belt (MSRP: $46.74)

The Blade-Tech Competition Speed Belt provides the female shooter a robust platform for her gun belt.

Some women want charm bracelets — a thoughtful present that you can add to with time. You want a Blade-Tech belt. Start your system with one of Blade-Tech’s fully adjustable Velcro belts, perfect to fit any size. Customize it with a holster and mag pouches and you’re ready for a USPSA or multi-gun match!

With Blade-Tech’s Tech-Lock system, you can quickly swap out accessories on the fly. I’m a big fan of the three-position adjustable cant on its holsters, perfect for a woman’s shape to create the most natural draw.

Female Shooter ‘Splurge’ Gift

Vortex Viper Red Dot (MSRP: $349.99)

Get on target fast with the Vortex Viper red dot sight.
(Photo by Brownells)

You’ve been good all year. Most of the year? Sometimes? Treat your pistol to a Vortex Viper Red Dot. Easy to set up and easy to use, this is a perfect gift for shooters of any level, and for competitors looking to move to the open division. The 6-MOA dot is perfect for fast acquisition, yet not too large to hinder precision.

Powered by the commonly available CE-2032 battery housed in the bottom of the optic, there’s no need to disassemble when you’ve burned through your battery having way too much fun. It is lightweight, low-profile, waterproof — what more could you want?

Backed by Vortex’s no-nonsense lifetime VIP warranty and the best customer service in the biz, they’re there for you no matter what … except for what to do with all that extra fruit cake from Aunt Edna — you’re on your own with that.

Female Shooter Stocking Stuffer

Black Rifle Coffee Company (MSRP: $15.99 — starting price for 12oz bag, their smallest)

Everyone loves coffee for Christmas, including the female shooter, and Black Rifle Coffee Company has the coffee you love.

Wake up to the smell of freshly ground freedom with a cup of Black Rifle Coffee. Whatever your taste, there’s a BRCC roast for you. From light to dark, espresso, single-serve cups, and even instant packs for your range bag, you’ll find the one that’s just right.

Silencer Smooth is my favorite — light and smooth, just how I like my trigger pull. What better way for the female shooter to start Christmas morning, than with a hot cup of Black Rifle Coffee?

A Merry Freebie!

The 3-Gun Show Podcast (Yes, it’s really free)

Enjoy the free 3-Gun Show Podcast.

Interested in the wild world of multi-gun competition? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total newbie, this podcast keeps it fun and informative. Host Dave Hartman asks his guests all the questions you want to know but never wanted to ask. Catch up on past episodes with elite shooters like Becky Yackley, Dianna Muller, and Lanny Barnes.

Don’t miss special coverage of events throughout the year like the Brownells Ladies Multigun Fall Festival. Not just for the ladies, hit the archives for episodes with top shooters like Jerry Miculek. Listen on iTunes. You can also get some range cred with one of their ladies’ shirts.

Although not an exhaustive list, these Christmas gifts are the perfect start for the female shooter in your life.

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