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Top 10 Scandinavian-Style Blades Worthy of the Viking Hoard

Imposing, intimidating, brutal and one of the most powerful warriors in history, the Viking brought ferocity and fear across Europe and the surrounding lands. Throughout their reign, battle axes remained a primary combat weapon.

Battle Axes: The History of Scandinavian Steel

Between the late eighth and 11th centuries, seafaring people from Scandinavia (known now as Denmark, Norway and Sweden) raided and plundered small settlements and towns during a time that has become known as the Viking Age. Although, there were Viking farmers, craftsmen and artisans, their true claim to fame was brutally overcoming the opposition on the battlefield, utilizing a wide range of heavy weapons that chopped limbs, hacked through flesh and severed heads with relative ease. 

Though they have been associated with weapons such as the single-handed sword, the spear and (spiked) shield, and the bow and arrow, but the Vikings truly displayed their warrior prowess with the ax. This weapon was the most commonly used by Vikings and ran the gamut in both style and size, yet all of them produced the same result—the absolute butchering of enemies with unyielding power. 

The Evolved Battlefield Ax

Axes used by Viking warriors evolved, naturally, from farming tools and exhibited characteristics better adapted for battle than their around-the-village counterparts. These modifications included larger heads, longer shafts and ornate designs engraved on the weapon. Some axes were as long as the Viking himself and required two hands to wield their oversized bodies. Contrary to what has been depicted in the cinema or on the small screen, Vikings seldom, if ever, incorporated the double-headed ax into their warfare. Using such a weapon would have required more material for minimum strategic gain. Little to no evidence through archaeological digs, artwork or descriptions in text can be found in Viking history depicting this type of weapon. Although this type of ax was not forged in Norse lands, some Vikings may have acquired them during their plunder of foreign lands and began using them in subsequent raids and battles. 

Viking culture, specifically their weaponry, permeates throughout several mediums. From the big screen to historical reenactments to Renaissance fairs and private collections, the tools of warfare for the Viking people are preserved today in both functional updated designs of ancient styles, as well as collectible pieces mounted on the wall for all to see. 

One thing is for sure, the battle ax, as brutal as a weapon that it was, has become synonymous with the Viking warrior and it, like him, should both be respected and feared at the same time. 

Modern Battle Axes: Wielding the Berserker’s Power of the Past

CRKT Berserker Ax

With this bad boy in hand, no material will be a match for this Viking-style ax as it cleaves its way through logs, saplings, thick brush or anything else in its way. Its hardwood handle will withstand even the most solid of strikes as you clear a path of whatever is in your way. Additionally, its long cutting edge is specially designed to tackle both big-swing tasks or more precision-focused smaller jobs that are on your to-do list. Exceptionally sharp, incredibly durable and scarily menacing, that’s the Berserker in a nutshell. 


  • 1055 carbon steel for excellent edge retention
  • Manganese phosphate coating for supreme protection from the elements 
  • Dense, Tennessee hardwood handle 
  • Use for both hardcore chopping for precision slicing 
  • Blade length: 4.65 inches 
  • MSRP: $60

CRKT Freya Ax

CRKT Freya Ax

This Viking-style ax offers Old World style with modern-day construction and incredible durability. Its hardwood hickory handle provides a solid grip for more powerful chopping action with less user fatigue. Additionally, the nearly 4-inch blade edge and overall head are coated in Manganese phosphate for years of corrosion protection. An included leather ax head sheath rounds out this Norse-inspired chopper. 


  • 1055 carbon steel
  • Manganese phosphate coating for enhanced corrosion protection 
  • Highly durable Tennessee hickory handle 
  • Use as a chopper or hammer 
  • Blade length: 3.46 inches
  • MSRP: $68

CRKT Skeggox Ax

SRKT Skeggox Ax

Designed by renowned designer James Williams, this modern representation of the classic Viking battle ax features full-tang construction, exceptional strength for powering through most materials, and a superior edge for cleaving and chopping. Named after a first-century forebear, the Skeggox provides a force of nature so incredibly powerful it would make even the most seasoned battle-hardened Viking seethe with jealousy. This brute comes complete with a MOLLE-compatible, thermoplastic sheath and is guaranteed to intimidate whoever stands in your path. 


  • High-performance SK-5 carbon steel 
  • Powder-coated for ultimate corrosion protection 
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handle 
  • Contoured handle provides a solid, non-slip grip
  • Includes thermoplastic sheath with compatible MOLLE clip option
  • MSRP: $113


Darksword Amory Danish Viking Ax

Darksword Armory Danish Viking Ax

This replica of one of the Vikings’ most devastating weapons on the battlefield offers a detailed design, extreme craftsmanship and a blade that doesn’t ask for forgiveness as it cleaves its way through material (and enemies of the past.) The simplicity of this weapon during battle produced a sea of blood as it was swung from a Viking’s strong arm onto unfortunate foes during raids and plundering. Choose from unsharpened or sharpened versions and enjoy a piece of Scandinavian rich history. 


  • Lightweight design 
  • Cordage-wrapped wooden handle 
  • Choose sharpened or unsharpened versions
  • Blade length: 9.5 inches 
  • Weight: 3.90 pounds
  • MSRP: $310 to $325

Darksword Amory Odin Ax

Darksword Armory Odin Ax

With this Odin ax, you’ll truly feel the power of the father of the Norse gods. With a 35-inch hardwood handle, there’s plenty of room for both hands to deliver powerful swings. However, with this ax’s engraved Viking-style design on the head and its natural wood and leather-wrapped shaft, this incredible piece may just find a home mounted on the wall where all can see. An exquisite piece that exemplifies the top tier of Viking hierarchy, the Odin ax is quite simply a true masterpiece. 


  • Durable, steel head 
  • Hardwood, leather-wrapped shaft 
  • Ornamental, engraved design 
  • Overall Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Cutting edge: 5.80 inches 
  • MSRP: Not yet available at press time 


Halfbreed Blades CBA-01 Compact Battle Ax

Halfbreed Blades CBA-01 Compact Battle Ax

With an actual name called the Battle Ax, this duel-headed monster means business. With tactical applications at the forefront, you can take this on just about any mission and succeed without anything standing in your way. It offers twin razor-sharp edges, a pommel that was created to crush and smash like a hammer, and a G10 handle, especially designed for multiple handhold positions to suit your chopping needs. Additionally, this impact specialist was built-ultra-tough. So much so, that most walls, windows, doors and even secure locks will fall under its incredible might. 


  • K110 D2 (55-56 HRC) steel construction 
  • US-made G10 handle scales 
  • Jimping at key points for enhanced handling 
  • Pommel lanyard hole allows for paracord attachment
  • Includes Kydex, MOLLE-compatible sheath 
  • MSRP: $319

Halfbreed Blades LBA-01 Large Breaching Ax

Halfbreed Blades LBA-01 Large Breaching Ax

When you need to get in, get out or get through just about anything that blocks your path, then this mega ax should be firmly within your grasp. With its specialty being breaching, rest assured that wood, light steel, secure chains, hearty deadbolts or fencing in front of you will crumble under this tool’s awesome penetrating power. Its extra sharp edge, complemented by its multipurpose tail spike, produce the one-two punch you need to advance forward. This destructive companion comes complete with a Kydex sheath for optimum safety, carry and ease of access when you rapidly need this amazing modern take on the Vikings’ primary battle weapon. 


  • K110 D2 (55-56 HRC) steel construction 
  • Full-tang construction 
  • Easy-to-maintain, razor-sharp cutting edge
  • Teflon coated finish 
  • Chiseled pommel for striking 
  • MSRP: $332


Tops Knives High Impact Ax

TOPS Knives High Impact Ax

This ax is a beast—plain and simple. Sporting a hefty weight of nearly 3.5 pounds, you’ll basically destroy anything that is within its striking range. The High Impact ax offers full-tang construction, a thick yet highly comfortable Micarta handle, 1075 steel that keeps an edge through all your “battles” and supreme durability that will last for years on end. Its included double-stitched leather sheath keeps this brute in check when not in use. 


  • 1075 RC 56-58 Steel 
  • Black traction coating 
  • Tan micarta canvas handle 
  • Blade length: 5.75 inches 
  • Includes brown leather sheath 
  • MSRP: $420

Tops Knives Ucon Hawk Ax

TOPS Ucon Hawk Ax

With a beefy, layered handle for maximum grip, full-tang construction for ultimate reliability and a bite that will tear through material like a boss, the Ucon Hawk is everything you want in a modern-day Viking “weapon.” This ax features the best of both worlds, as it can hack through both natural and manmade materials and offer greater precision cutting, like its little cousin, the knife. The unit goes where you do thanks to its two-piece, leather sheath and belt loop holder. The Hawk has landed, and it’s a powerhouse! 


  • 1095 carbon steel, full-tang construction 
  • Tumble finish for corrosion protection 
  • SureTouch G10 Handle 
  • Blade length: 4.87 inches 
  • Includes black leather sheath with belt loop
  • MSRP: $350

Tops Knives Vi Ax

TOPS Knives VI Ax

This ax is both intimidating and highly useful for any number of tasks in both urban and rural environments. You’ll feel transported back to Scandinavia with this monster in hand as you hack your way with ease through just about anything. Utilizing its sure-grip handle, your power will be delivered directly to its incredibly large chopping edge and back, dual-edge spike providing superb results with every swing. Its all-black appearance and decorative design make this medieval-inspired chopper both a thing of beauty and a scary, no-nonsense companion all at the same time. 


  • 1075 steel with full-tang construction 
  • Double-edge back spike 
  • Black traction coating 
  • Blade length: 5.25 inches 
  • Includes black leather sheath 
  • MSRP: $360


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