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3-Year-Old Shoots 2-Year-Old Brother with Pistol He Found in Mom’s Purse

GARY, IN – A 2-year-old was tragically shot by his 3-year-old brother, who gained access to a pistol he found in his mother’s purse.

Around 7:20 PM last Friday, a mother of two left a bedroom where she stored her purse. The mother had an unsecured handgun in her purse at the time.

After leaving the bedroom, her 3-year-old son accessed the unsecured handgun and tragically shot his 2-year-old brother. Neighbors reported hearing the gunshot.

The police responded to a local hospital where the child was being treated for his wounds but were unfortunately passed away. The police are still investigating the incident, and it is unknown if the mother will be charged.

All Firearms Should Be Secured…Period

It is my opinion that, as responsible gun owners, all of our firearms should be secured. That means the gun is on you or is secured in a lockable safe (vault, quick-access, etc.).

When I arrive home, if I am not keeping my gun on my person, then it goes into a quick-access safe. I have a 7-year-old at home, so at no time are there any unsecured firearms in my home. I hate to say this, but if this mother had put her firearm in a safe, her 2-year-old son would still be alive today.

Let this be a harsh reminder to all of us to secure our firearms, especially around children.

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