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California sheriff sergeant shot in gas station firefight

A San Bernardo County Sheriff’s sergeant was shot twice Friday afternoon following a deadly shootout with a suspect at a gas station in Victorville, California, authorities confirmed. 

The 16-year veteran was shot in his thigh and shin and is expected to survive. 

“I’m pleased to announce there are not going to be life-threatening injuries and our sergeant’s going to recover fully from this,” San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus told reporters in a Friday evening press briefing.  

He said the sergeant was wearing a body camera during the shootout and there is surveillance footage at the gas station investigators will look through. 

The suspect began firing at the sergeant after officials responded to the scene over reports of a man threatening a woman with a gun.


The sergeant, who has not been identified, fired back at the suspect, killing him, Dicus said. 

The sergeant was airlifted to a hospital. 

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