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Horsham Jewelry Store Robbery Foiled by Quick-Thinking Armed Staff

HORSHAM, PA (2-minute read) – In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a burglary at the Jems, Jewels and Gold store was interrupted by a brave armed employee, resulting in one suspect being injured and the heist being foiled.

Police responded to the scene at the Shoppes at English Village after reports that an employee had discharged a firearm during the attempted theft around 5 a.m. Upon arrival, officers discovered one of the culprits with a gunshot wound to his arm, now receiving care for non-life-threatening injuries.

The attempted break-in involved the culprits entering through an adjacent business, creating a path through multiple walls to reach the store’s safe. This daring attempt left neighboring businesses damaged, their operations disrupted and employees temporarily out of work due to the extensive clean-up required.

As the investigation continued with officers securing the area, they utilized a firetruck ladder to inspect potential escape routes on the building’s roof. While additional suspects remain at large, authorities have assured the public of no imminent threat.

The parking lot of the shopping center was reopened around 7 a.m., allowing access for customers and employees as normalcy began to return.

Firearm Safety Tip: Regularly train and practice with your firearm to ensure you can use it safely and effectively in an emergency situation.

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