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Julianna Margulies: College kids with ‘they/them’ pronouns supporting Hamas would be ‘beheaded’ in Gaza

Television actress Julianna Margulies took aim at college kids using “they/them” pronouns who’ve been marching in solidarity with Hamas, saying they’d be the first to be “beheaded” if they were ever in Gaza. 

Margulies, who has been outspoken about antisemitism following the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks against Israel, went viral Thursday among her critics offended by comments she made on the “Back Room” podcast last week after host Andy Ostroy said there would be a bigger “uproar” if the “wrong pronouns” where used on a college campus. 

“It’s those kids who are spewing antisemitic hate that have no idea if they stepped foot in an Islamic country, these people who want us to call them ‘they/them’ or whatever they want us to call them, which I have respectfully really made a point of doing. Like be whoever you want to be. It’s those people that will be the first people beheaded, and their heads played with as a soccer ball, like a soccer ball on the field,” Margulies said. “And that’s who they’re supporting? Terrorists who don’t want women to have their rights, don’t want LGB- LGBTQ people get executed bar none… and this is who you’re supporting.” 

“It is so insane to me that it is laughable if it wasn’t so sad,” she exclaimed. 


“The Good Wife” star took aim at college educators, wondering “Where are the professors calling all of these students into the auditorium and saying ‘Hold on a minute. Guys, do you understand what a terrorism organization is about. Learn what you are supporting.’”

“There are Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, and Jews that are being held hostage, and you’re ripping down posters? Why?” Margulies asked. “What is that going to do? What are you actually trying to say?”


Later in the interview, Margulies blasted a Black Lesbian club at Columbia University that made headlines last month after it banned “Zionists” from a film screening on campus. 

“As someone who plays a lesbian journalist on ‘The Morning Show,’ I’m more offended by it as a lesbian than I am as a Jew, to be honest with you, because I want to say to them, ‘You f—ing idiots,'” Margulies said. “‘You don’t exist. Like you’re even lower than the Jews. A. you’re Black and B. you’re gay! And you’re turning your back against the people who support you? Because Jews, they rally around everybody.'” 

Pro-Palestinian protest in NYC

Margulies, who is Jewish, expressed her dismay at the lack of support there has been for Jews in the wake of the Oct. 7 attacks.

“I’m the first person to march in Black Lives Matter. When that happened to George Floyd, I put a black screen on my Instagram- like I ran to support my Black brothers and sisters,” Margulies said. “When LGBTQ people are being attacked, I run. I made a commercial for same-sex marriage with my husband in 2012. Like I am the first person to jump up when something is wrong as I think most Jews are because we have been persecuted from the beginning of time. Not just in World War II but literally from the beginning of time when we first lived in Israel, way before anybody else.”


She then said TikTok “should be banned” after its users were promoting Osama bin Laden’s infamous Letter to America defending the panning of 9/11, saying social media “literally has distorted pretty much all of history.” She also slammed news organizations like The New York Times and the BBC for their “careless” coverage of the Israel-Hamas war. 

“Hamas owns the media. Hamas puts out what they want the world to believe,” Margulies said. 

Julianna Margulies

The three-time Emmy winner went on to shame her own industry in Hollywood for its weak response following Oct. 7. 

“Can you imagine the WGA [Writers Guild of America] not putting out a statement after George Floyd? And yet when it was the Jews- the Jews, by the way, all of our great material on television is pretty much from the Jews! The fact that they stayed silent for so long until they were pressured into making a statement,” Margulies said. By the way, Me Too movement. The Me Too movement! Women- they cut a fetus out of a pregnant woman’s stomach and filmed it. And the Me Too movement isn’t condemning Hamas?”

She continued, “My industry- and I love what I do, of course all the Jews are gonna speak up. it’s the non-Jews that need to speak up. And it really, it really brings me back tonight to the Holocaust and how our ancestors must have felt when their friends suddenly were like, ‘Sorry, you can’t come over anymore.'”

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