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Kirk Cameron announces new nonfiction book, 'Born to Be Brave,' about a 'spiritual comeback' in America

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FIRST ON FOX: In exclusive comments to Fox News Digital, author, actor, producer and conservative Christian activist Kirk Cameron announced that his newest adult hardcover nonfiction book, “Born to Be Brave,” is to be published in October by Post Hill Press. 

He calls it a “guidebook for America’s spiritual comeback — a practical and inspiring look at how we can change our culture.”

His announcement on Monday, July 8, of the book follows on the heels of news that he recently moved his family out of California and relocated to Tennessee. Cameron and his wife, Chelsea Noble, have six grown children. 


“Certainly there’s concern about politics and crime and the economy, but I’m finding California refugees all over Tennessee and Texas and Florida — there’s been a flood of talent and creatives who have left California, frustrated that their values haven’t been reflected in the projects they’re working on,” Cameron told “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Saturday, July 6. 

In the same vein, Cameron told Fox News Digital in a text message on Sunday afternoon about his new book, “Dark and evil forces have devastated American culture and the family of faith is feeling intimidated and fearful. Many even think nothing can be done about it,” he added.

“But I say, God has given us a birthright of courage — and if we choose to live in this bravery, the Army of Compassion will realign the nation with its Christian roots.”

He said, “If we’re going to change the nation and the world, we need to move beyond paralyzed outrage and start acting with courage and confidence. God is always on the move — and we can keep up with Him because He has given us the ability to do so. We were born to be brave.”

With the new book, he said, “I really want readers to feel equipped to overcome our opponents and start seeing culture as something we are called to create.”

Kirk Cameron book cover

The book “contains biblical insights and true stories of people who acted bravely out of love for God and others,” he said.

Readers, he said, “will understand how America’s history gives direction for the future, and understand that politics needs the gospel because real change requires a transformation of the heart.”

“There’s a widespread sense that things are not right.”

Cameron added his prayer for all readers is that “‘Born to Be Brave’ will encourage you to boldly engage friends, family and your community with gospel truths that positively transform all of society.” 

In an advance copy shown to Fox News Digital, Cameron writes that he sees changes already beginning to happen — changes long overdo, he says. 

“Certainly, if there’s such a thing as feeling the vibe of a time, then I and many people believe we’re seeing the stirrings of what could be a momentous spiritual upheaval. I sense a restlessness in the family of faith for more of the power of God, and I see a dissatisfaction among unbelievers with the unpalatable feast served up by secular humanism.”


He also writes, “There’s a widespread sense that things are not right. There’s a desperate searching going on.”

This August 24, as a “call to stand strong” for family, faith and country in a divided America — and as a continuation of what he launched last year with Brave Books, Cameron will be holding a “See You at the Library 2024” national event. 

“It is not a surprise to anyone who loves God, who loves their children and who loves America that our country and our children are under assault today,” Cameron told Fox News Digital of his plans a few weeks ago. 

He said he believes there’s a real urgency to share messages of faith, family and positive values with America’s children today.

“There is no time to waste when it comes to teaching our children what’s important. I think we’re in the position that we’re in now as a nation as a result of the failure of good people to teach their children what is important,” he said. 

“And sadly, we’ve believed the propaganda and the lie that others are better equipped to teach our children what’s important, like public schools or even youth pastors at churches.”

Said Cameron, “And so what do we need? We need courage. We need hope. We need faith. And that’s what our movement is endeavoring to instill into the hearts of parents and grandparents so that they can raise their children.”

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The new book contains a foreword and eight chapters, including “A Vision of Victory” and “Army of Compassion.”

“Born to Be Brave” is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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