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LAURA INGRAHAM: American cities are on life support

Fox News host Laura Ingraham calls out Democratic leadership for the “slow death of urban America” on “The Ingraham Angle.” 

LAURA INGRAHAM: Liberals always claim to love urban life. They love mass transportation, chic restaurants, theaters, music venues. It’s also cool — the vibrant social scene — but why kill what you love? That’s exactly what liberals are doing, and they wonder why life in San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago and D.C. has become so unlivable. 


Well, when they wonder that, they should look in the mirror because they’re responsible for the slow death of urban America. High taxes, high crime, low office occupancy, lousy schools — this is the quartet of forces inflicted on our cities by politician activists. You know, the same people who often float unscathed above the wreckage that they themselves created. To cover for their own failures, they pepper their public comments with appeals to phrases like racial equity and reimagined policing. That’s my favorite.  


Vapid social justice jargon just doesn’t hide the fact that their own policies are driving away good people and great businesses. Once-bustling cities are now struggling, and then with an eroding tax base, it’s lights out. Now, the Windy City is now just one big swirl of crime with thugs so determined that they’ll use cars as weapons to gain access to what they want. 

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