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VIDEO: Man Opens Fire After Business Won’t Take Fake $50 Bill

SAN ANTONIO, TX (2-minute read) – San Antonio Police are currently investigating an incident that occurred early Thursday morning at a local meat market following a disturbance involving a firearm.

At approximately 10:30 AM, officers were dispatched to the Culebra Meat Market 3 on Old Pearsall Road after receiving reports of a disturbance. Upon arrival, they learned that an altercation had ensued when a man attempted to use a counterfeit $50 bill to make a purchase. The staff, recognizing the bill as fake, informed the man they would be notifying the police and refused to return the counterfeit currency.

The suspect in the shooting, still at large.

The situation escalated when the man exited the store, turned, and fired two shots at the building. Although the shots did not strike any individuals, the gunfire shattered the market’s door, resulting in minor injuries to several employees from the broken glass.

Authorities reported that the suspect fled the scene in a black vehicle and headed down Old Sky Harbor Drive. The search for the suspect continues, with police planning to review surveillance footage to aid in identification.

This remains an active investigation.

Firearm Safety Tip: Always assume that any firearm is loaded and treat it with respect to prevent accidental discharges and ensure safety, especially in public areas.

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