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Gen. Mark Milley Defends Israel’s Genocide By Admitting That U.S. Military Has Also Committed Genocide

This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News under the title: Gen. Mark Milley Defends Israel’s Genocide By Admitting That U.S. Military Has “Also Slaughtered Innocent People In Massive Numbers”

At the recent Ash Carter Exchange on Innovation and National Security gathering in Washington, D.C., a speaking panel talked about Israel’s genocide in Gaza. One of the panel’s members, retired United States Army Gen. Mark Milley tried to defend Israel’s actions by admitting that the U.S. military is just as guilty as Israel of murdering large numbers of innocent people “who had nothing to do with their government.”

Thinking himself to be delivering some kind of justifiable flex for mass murder, Milley revealed what many people already know well about how the U.S. and Israeli governments are mass murder machines. He also called anyone who opposes these mass murder machines “terrorists” on the “wrong side” of the fight.

Milley did not stop there. He then proceeded to justify Israel’s gross war crimes by regurgitating tired and already debunked lies about Hamas “mass beheadings” and “mass rapes,” and comparing Hamas – an Israeli-installed government in Gaza, by the way – to “the Nazis.”

It is almost as if Israel installed Hamas as Gaza’s government on purpose to create a crisis that Zionists could then use as justification to murder untold numbers of innocent Palestinians who, like Milley himself admitted, “had nothing to do with their government.”

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If you disapprove of Israel, “you are an infection inside of our society,” says Palantir CEO Alex Karp

Joining the chorus of pro-genocide insanity on display at Ash Carter was Palantir CEO Alex Karp, who accused those protesting for peace in Gaza of “actually [being] the war activists.”

“We’re the peace activists,” Karp claimed about himself and his clan.

“You are an infection inside of our society!” Karp proceeded to yell at the Gaza solidarity protesters who are calling for Israel to stop committing genocide in Gaza, and for their institutions of higher learning to divest from all things Israel.


Keep in mind that four years ago, Karp was fuming mad about statements made by former President Donald Trump decrying the George Floyd riots and all the damage they were causing to businesses and cities across America.

According to Karp concerning that incident, we are “all Americans,” he once said, “no matter what country [they] came from.” Make it make sense.

“Now he’s getting rich giving paid speeches like these defending Israel’s indiscriminate slaughter of women and children in Gaza and demonizing the Americans protesting the genocide in Gaza as terrorists!” wrote Chris Menahan for Information Liberation about Karp’s statements at Ash Carter.

Palantir, by the way, is a software company that works directly with the U.S. government and its intelligence apparatus to “achieve their most challenging operational objectives.” The biggest one of those “challenging operational objectives” right now appears to be finishing the genocide in Gaza before We the People figure out a way to put a stop to it, if possible.

“The government is controlled by foreign interests,” one commenter wrote about the travesty of fascism and treason, which now controls American society from the top down.

“They are all crazy, demon-driven psychos,” wrote another about Milley, Karp, and all the rest who support their positions. “This is what these demons consider normal.”

The latest news about Israel’s genocide in Gaza can be found at Genocide.news.

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