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The Decades-Long Effort To Reduce The World’s Population Through United Nations Agencies

This article was originally published by Rhoda Wilson at The Daily Exposé.

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (“DESA”) has an online resource called ‘World Population Prospects’ where anyone can view graphic representations of the UN’s demographic profiles and probabilistic projections data.  You can view the data for an individual country as well as prescribed groups or regions.

Notably, according to DESA, there is a dramatic drop in the working-age population of “developed regions” of the world beginning in c.2025. DESA describes “developed regions” as comprising Europe, Northern America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

The UN system has long been involved in addressing population and interrelated issues – notably, through the work of the UN Population Fund (“UNFPA”) and the UN Population Division of DESA.

So, we have to ask whether the UN is “predicting” a dramatic drop in the working-age population or if it is displaying the hoped-for result of a planned depopulation program.

UNFPA started operations in 1969 and assumed a leading role within the UN in promoting population programs. At the International Conference on Population and Development (“ICPD”) in Cairo in 1994, its mandate was fleshed out in greater detail and UNFPA was given the lead role in helping countries carry out the Conference’s Programme of Action.

A 2007 report for the US Congress described the UN agency as the world’s largest source of population and reproductive health programs.    The US, with support from Congress, was an important actor in the launch of UNFPA.

In its first 25 years, UNFPA moved from an organization focused on statistical collection and analysis to an agency providing maternal and child/health family planning assistance.  The report noted: “While UNFPA receives voluntary contributions from many countries and some private foundations, most of its income comes from a handful of donors.  The Netherlands and Japan have recently been its largest contributors.”

Unfortunately, the report for the US Congress does not name the private foundations that were funding UNFPA.  However, the report did note that UNFPA was a major catalyst in organizing, financing, and implementing outcomes of the 1994 ICPD.

Stanley Johnson, the father of former UK prime minister Boris Johnson, edited The Population Problem (1974), authored World Population and the United Nations (1987) and World Population Turning the Tide (1994) as well as numerous other books.  He also published a book in 1995 ‘The Politics of Population: Cairo 1994’ recounting what happened in Cairo and how it was achieved. The early chapters look in some detail at the preparations for Cairo, in the context of over three decades of attempts to integrate population, development, and environmental issues.

Called “The Cairo Plan,” the Plan first discounted the term “population control” – emphasizing coercive means and quotas – and instead, for the first time, promoted policies that gave women greater control over their lives, promoted economic equality and opportunity, and giving them a greater voice in reproduction decisions.  The Plan recognized that population growth needed a program that increased the educational, economic, and political rights of women.  This in turn leads women to want fewer children.

According to the book ‘Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities’, those attending the ICPD agreed on a strategy for “stabilizing” the world’s population at 7.27 billion no later than 2015.

The 20-year “program of action,” accepted by over 150 countries, aimed to avoid population growth and environmental consequences of excessive population growth.  The Cairo Plan proposals were therefore linked to discussions and decisions of the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 – also known as the Earth Summit, ECO92 or Rio92 which resulted in the infamous Agenda 21 document and its offspring the UN’s 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Population “Predictions”

The UN Population Division of DESA pulls together information to support UN bodies such as the Commission on Population and Development and the implementation of the Programme of Action adopted by the ICPD.

On DESA’s website, using the “UN development groups” designation, selecting “more developed” regions in the location drop-down list and “Demographic Profiles,” data for 2022 shows one very notable change in the population beginning c.2024/5.  That change is in the working-age group, ages 25-64. According to the graph below, the population under 25 has been declining since the 1980s, say, but the predicted decline in the 25-64 age group is sudden and dramatic.

How is this happening?  In the same group of graphs, DESA has one which shows the annual number of births and deaths.  Starting in 2024/2025 the number of deaths outstrip the number of births.

The question is: Is this a UN “prediction” or a hoped-for result of a planned depopulation agenda?  And if it is planned, how are “they” planning to achieve an increase in deaths and at the same time a reduction in births?

The UN Population Division has “Population Factsheets.”  One of these pages published on 1 January 2017 is titled ‘Government policies to raise or lower the fertility level’.  If you are finding it difficult to comprehend that governments have been actively implementing measures to reduce populations then you need to read this page.  We have included a screenshot of it below in the event it is moved or removed from the internet.

To increase deaths, there is war, famine, and disease which psychopathic eugenicists have no hesitation in deploying.  A 1991 document purported to have been the outcome of a UN meeting held in Iowa, USA, stated: “All nations [will] have quotas for population reduction on a yearly basis, which will be enforced by the [UN] Security Council by selective or total embargo of credit, items of trade including food and medicine, or by military force when required.”

We have seen examples in recent years of what this statement means in practice.  Earlier this year researchers warned that net zero zealots’ policies, in the name of a climate change emergency, will cause half the world’s population to starve, there is a war on the world’s food supply, shutting down economies in the name of covid caused chronic poverty and starvation in Africa and then there are vaccines, the toxic effects of genetically modified crops, genetically modified meat, genetically modified mosquitoes, ultra-processed foods, climate engineering, and the list goes on and on.

How about enforcing a decline in the number of births?  One method of reducing births is to prevent live births by inducing miscarriages and stillbirths.  Another is to make men and women infertile.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield believes vaccines and environmental toxins play a large part in the rise of infertility.  In an interview last year, he said: “Sperm counts are plummeting, infertility in women in general is so much worse particularly, apparently, in the face of the HPV vaccine, for example, and the covid vaccine.  So, we have known causes of infertility, deliberately by the hand of man, and then all these other causes.  And we now have a situation where the natality, the birth rate, in all countries is exceeded by the death rate.  In other words, we are on an extinction curve.”

“Deliberately by the hand of man.”  In other words, it is a deliberate act to reduce the number of births – a depopulation agenda.

Another method of reducing births is through social engineering.

Died Suddenly, who gave us the movie of the same name, has been running a campaign on Twitter since October last year to highlight COVID-19 crimes against humanity.  “Let us never forget what they have done” is the campaign’s motto.

“One of the main themes of the Died Suddenly series is uncovering the orchestrated effort to depopulate the Earth,”  Died Suddenly tweeted on Sunday.   Adding that it’s not a “conspiracy theory” – it’s an extermination.

In the same tweet, Died Suddenly shared images of the “instructions to destroy birth rates” from three documents:

  1. Population Planning, United Nations’ World Bank (1972)
  2. Implications of Worldwide Population Growth (also known as ‘The Kissinger Report’), US National Security Council (1974)
  3. Activities Relevant to the Study of Population Policy for the US (‘The Jaffe Memo’), Planned Parenthood on behalf of John D. Rockefeller’s Population Council (1969)

“In 2021-2022, we watched as they marketed the experimental COVID vaccine to pregnant women as ‘safe and effective’ and recommended three mRNA shots for babies as young as 6 months old,” Died Suddenly tweeted.

Below are the images Died Suddenly shared.

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