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U.S. Ruling Class Will Send Heavy Bombs To Israel

After the United States ruling class feared weapons would be used in the incursion in Rafah, it halted the shipment to Israel. But now, the House of Representatives has passed a bill that will send heavy bombs to Israel.

The bill, which has been dubbed the Israel Security Assistance Support Act, was passed 224 to 187, with Republican lawmakers voting overwhelmingly in favor.  All but 16 Democrats voted against this armament bill. The document condemns the Biden administration’s decision to pause certain arms transfers to Israel as Israel faces unprecedented threats.” It also proposes withholding certain funding to the Defense Department and State Department if the U.S. doesn’t deliver the delayed heavy bombs.

U.S. Ruling Class Admits Israel Has Killed Civilians With U.S. Bombs

This bill is considered “symbolic” because it’s unlikely to pass the Democrat majority-held Senate. According to a report by RT, before the ruling class voted, the office of US President Joe Biden warned that he would veto the bill if it ended up at his desk. The administration “strongly opposes” the document, a statement added, claiming it would “undermine the president’s ability to execute an effective foreign policy” and potentially prohibit the US “from adjusting our security assistance posture with respect to Israel in any way.”

Previously, the U.S.’s head tyrant, Joe Biden warned Israel that there will not be a supply of weapons and artillery shells sent if Israel expands its military operation deeper into Rafah. The overcrowded border town in southern Gaza was reported to be a sanctuary to around 1.4 million Palestinians displaced by the Israel-Hamas war. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) ordered people in southeastern parts of the city to evacuate last week, warning of upcoming strikes.

Israel expanded its operation anyway.

Israel Will Expand The Rafah Operation

Around 450,000 people chose to evacuate, according to United Nations figures as of Tuesday. The agency’s coordination office also warned of “ground incursions and heavy fighting” in eastern Rafah, Gaza City, and the Jabalia refugee camp.

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