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“We Have Reached A Breaking Point”

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog.

If you don’t have a border, you don’t have a country.  It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to hear me say that our immigration crisis has brought us to “a breaking point”, but those aren’t my words.  As you will see below, the mayor of New York City is actually saying this.  During the Biden administration, the floodgates have opened and vast hordes of illegal immigrants are pouring into this country every single day.  New York City, Chicago, and other major urban areas simply do not have enough resources to take care of the illegal immigrants that have already arrived, but more just keep on coming.

The tsunami of humanity that is coming over our borders has become so extreme that even CNN is reporting on it now…

Brian Silvas’ three dogs were usually the first to alert him that large groups of people were walking onto his San Diego County property. He’d wake up at all hours to Whisky, Soldier and Freedom barking incessantly. Today, the trio keep quiet most of the night. While the crowds of migrants have not stopped passing through, it’s become so common that the dogs now sleep through it.

“This country was built on immigration. I’m fine with that,” Silvas said. “But not like this. This is ridiculous.”

Silvas is beyond frustrated, and he told CNN that if he had enough money he would “build my own wall right here”.

CNN interviewed the owners of another property about five miles away who say that all of their trees are gone because illegal immigrants have chopped them all down to use in their campfires…

About five miles east of Silvas’ property, along the same southern border, Jerry and Maria Shuster are experiencing a similar crisis. Except the migrants who cross there are not just passing through their land – they’re also camping out. Tents, discarded clothes and trash are scattered across parts of their 17-acre property. There are several campfires burning at night as the migrants try to keep warm in the near freezing temperatures, as they make their way to various gathering spots along the US side and await officials with the US Customs and Border Protection.

“(My trees) are all gone. They chop them up and put them in the fire,” said Jerry Shuster, who alleges one group of migrants broke a wood fence on his property to fuel their fire.

Did you ever imagine that CNN would publish such an article?

And CNN is actually admitting that most illegal immigrants actually “run to authorities” once they reach U.S. soil…

For years, migrants who crossed illegally into the United States would often run away from law enforcement, but now once reaching the US most run to authorities, according to observers. They’re eager to be processed, knowing that they will likely be released in a few days to await court dates that could be years away.

Our once proud Border Patrol officers have been transformed into customer service agents for those seeking asylum.

Instead of enforcing our laws, they have been relegated to facilitating a systematic invasion of our country.

This is exactly what our leftist politicians and globalist NGOs want, and right now they are winning.

Globalist NGOs that are funded with your tax money are helping to resettle illegal immigrants in communities all over America.  In many instances, they are actually put on domestic flights without any proper documentation at all…

The next time you’re fondled at the airport by a TSA agent, look around. You may very well see foreign nationals ushered through security without proper documentation and disregarding every TSA rule. While Joe Biden pretends that millions of invaders from 150 countries are a natural occurrence, his administration is using taxpayer-funded nongovernmental organizations to disperse tens of thousands of them throughout the country.

This cannot be allowed to continue. Why won’t Republicans pledge to put an end to it by refusing to fund one more penny of this scheme with the budget deadline looming?

In other instances, illegal immigrants are transported by bus.

Our major cities are already completely overwhelmed, but the buses just keep arriving.

At this stage, things are already so bad in the Big Apple that New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been forced to admit that “we have reached a breaking point”…

The Democratic mayors of three sanctuary cities, Chicago, New York City, and Denver, warned their metro areas are quickly approaching a breaking point due to the ongoing surge of illegals bussed up from the southern border this year.

“We cannot allow buses with people needing our help to arrive without warning at any hour of day and night,” NYC Mayor Adams said during a virtual news conference with Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston.

Adams warned: “For many months, we were able to keep the visualization of this crisis from hitting our streets, but we have reached a breaking point.”

But if they can’t go to “sanctuary cities” that were once eager to welcome them, where are they supposed to go?

Of course, the truth is that we can’t possibly absorb all of the illegal immigrants that want to come here.

As I discussed yesterday, there are now 49.5 million people who were not born in the United States living in this country.

Some are here legally, but many others came here illegally.

Needless to say, a lot of those who arrive illegally get involved in the drug trade, the sex trade, and other forms of organized crime.

And more will be arriving soon.

At this moment, a giant caravan of “asylum seekers” that started in southern Mexico is making headlines all over the globe, and Mexican authorities are actually “escorting the groups and providing crowd control”…

Mexican authorities stood down any efforts to contain a new migrant caravan that embarked this week from the southern part of Mexico. Authorities are currently escorting the groups and providing crowd control.

Calling themselves the Poverty Exodus (Exodo de la Pobreza), the caravan, which is made up of more than 6,000 migrants, left the city of Tapachula, Chiapas, on Christmas Eve. The caravan is making its way north. In various parts of the journey, the migrants waved a banner with the caravan’s name and carried a white cross. Members of the group made public claims that their goal was to reach the United States for economic reasons.

Are you kidding me?

We really are being invaded, and the government of Mexico is actively facilitating this.

Cities all over America are being absolutely packed with extremely desperate illegal invaders just as we enter the most chaotic election year in U.S. history.

Anyone can see that this is a recipe for widespread chaos.

We are in so much trouble, but our politicians in Washington continue to refuse to secure our borders.

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