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Classic Lever-Action Rifle Meets 9mm!

As the lever-action rifle continues, here’s another interesting development regarding increased availability of not quite traditional variants of the form. The Taylor’s & Company TC73 blends the classic 1873 design with the popular 9mm cartridge.

Taylor’s & Company TC73 Details

The new TC73 comprises an Model 1873-style lever-action rifle. Designed for performance, the rifle maintains the classic features of the 1873. But Taylor’s specifications modernize the rifle, crafting parts with extreme attention to detail.

The rifle exhibits high-quality fit and finish, according to Taylor’s & Company, along with true case coloring. And the look of the rifle is quite stunning to be sure. Inside, the rifle incorporates the Taylor Tuned action, billed as the “smoothest rifle you will ever handle right out of the box,” according to Taylor’s & Company.

The TC73 features an improved carrier block design, lightened trigger pull, hardened screws, and fully machined internal parts. The build utilizes quality steel and the highest grade of case coloring–the process calling for each receiver quenched one at a time. Taylor’s & Company spared no detail in crafting the TC73.

A rubber butt pad helps against felt recoil. A white bead front sight with a semi-buckhorn rear provides the sight picture. Meanwhile, a threaded barrel opens up a world of possibilities, including suppressor use.

There’s a whole lot of cool packed into this 9mm lever-action rifle. The TC73 retails for $2,099. For more info, visit taylorsfirearms.com.

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