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Concealed Carry Comfort: Five Best IWB Holsters

Spend much time carrying a handgun for self-defense, and you’re going to find yourself with a box, several boxes, or an entire closet of cast-off holsters. Maybe you bought the newest IWB (inside the waistband) holster, thinking it was the answer to your printing problems, or maybe you researched endlessly, thinking it would be the best holster ever made. Either way, the odds are high that it didn’t work as you’d hoped, and into the box it goes.

It’s okay. We’ve all been there. However, I’ve put together a list of five of the best IWB holsters based on personal experience with different guns, meaning there are no guarantees here, only ideas. Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments.

This just might be my favorite Glock holster. [Photo: Crossbreed]

Crossbreed The Reckoning

If you want a streamlined IWB holster with a minimal footprint, the Crossbreed The Reckoning holster is a great way to go. I’ve used this holster for a variety of different guns, including the Glock 27, Glock 43X, Glock 48, and Sig Sauer P365. Crossbreed makes it for a lot of models, so the odds are good you’ll find yours on their list. This is a holster that’s made it easy to conceal a handgun, even in skinny jeans and relatively form-fitting T-shirts. It has proven itself comfortable on long drives and while doing yard work.

This is an IWB holster that can be used as an AIWB, meaning you can carry it in the appendix position at the front of your body. That’s a personal preference of mine. The trick to safe AIWB carry is training and, as usual, the right holster and gun belt. There are ways to practice a safe draw stroke and holstering. There are even entire classes dedicated to it. It’s comfortable, makes drawing your gun faster, and can solve a lot of concealment issues. As for the Reckoning holster, it has a leather backer and a hard clamshell front piece that’s molded to the shape of the gun. It even comes with clips that make it possible to carry it OWB (outside the waistband) if you need that at some point. Ride height can be adjusted, which is pretty important, and there’s an add-on spare mag holster that’s awesome.

galco kingtuk holster
Looking for a great IWB holster for full-sized handguns? You need to check out the Kingtuk. [Photo: Galco]

Galco Kingtuk Deluxe IWB Holster

This one has a bigger footprint than many IWB holsters, but it’s worth it (and it’s a lot more comfortable to wear than you might think). The Galco Kingtuk Deluxe IWB Holster is the one I like to use for carrying full-sized handguns. When you spend time reviewing guns, you end up with a lot of holsters. So much variety can help find out what works best. The Kingtuk is perfect for guns like the Sig Sauer P220, which is a full-sized 10mm, and the Colt Delta Elite, which is a Government-sized 1911. Yes, you can carry a larger handgun in an IWB holster. It’s just a matter of finding the best holster for the job, and the Kingtuk is up to the task. This is another hybrid holster with a steer hide leather backer and hard clamshell face.

Here’s why the Kingtuk is so perfect for IWB carrying bigger handguns: thanks to the larger size of the backer and the way the clips are positioned, it fits the shape of your body and provides a larger surface to support the gun’s weight. Instead of having all that weight focused on a rather narrow space, it’s spread out. The clamshell face is also pretty small. It’s made to protect the trigger guard and doesn’t extend down over the muzzle. That way, there’s less bulk added, and it fits more easily inside your waistband. I’ve found this is an easy holster to take off and on as well. It’s also made rigidly, which is ideal for those moments we all have where we have to use the bathroom while we’re carrying. This is the holster I consider my go-to for full-sized handguns I want to carry IWB.

cozy partner holster
Leather makes for great holsters and the Cozy Partner is ideal for compacts. [Photo: DeSantis]

DeSantis Cozy Partner

Sometimes, you want leather, and that’s what the DeSantis Cozy Partner gives you. Leather has a lot of upsides to it, including longevity and the lack of breaking and cracking that happens to hybrids with extensive use. The thing about using a leather holster is that it can’t be just a pretty pocket the gun drops into. It needs to be molded to the shape of that specific handgun. The Cozy Partner is molded and provides good retention as well as reinforced stitching. It’s an easy holster to wear for extended periods and feels good against your skin.

The Cozy Partner has two belt loop attachments that can be adjusted for 1.5-inch or 1.75-inch belts. If you’re thinking that’s too big for your belts, you might reconsider what type of belt you’re using for concealed carry. Gun belts are better because dress belts and others made for daily wear tend not to be tough enough to hold up a gun (and you don’t need your holstered gun sagging). This holster holds the gun with a forward cant that makes getting a full firing grip easier and aids in concealment. It’s great with the Mossberg MC1sc, but you can get it for quite a few other models as well.

galco corvus holster
Kydex holsters are durable and provide good retention. The Corvus is the perfect example of a well-made Kydex design. [Photo: Galco]

Galco Corvus Belt/IWB Holster – Carbon Fiber Finish

Solid Kydex holsters are nice because they’re durable, lightweight, and offer solid retention. The Galco Corvus is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for Kydex construction, and even better, it’s made so you can swap out the clips to wear it IWB or OWB. I like the carbon fiber finish model, which is an aesthetic thing. You can adjust the Corvus for cant and ride height, which makes it easier to fit it to your needs. We don’t all draw or carry in the same position, and we shouldn’t try. It’s a must to find out the exact position that works best for you.

The Corvus is better for slightly larger guns, and Galco lets you know the subcompact versions are made with fewer grommets, so you might not be able to change ride height or cant. I like this one for the Tisas 1911A1. It’s a Government sized gun so it has a 5.0-inch barrel. One nice thing about Kydex is that its rigidity also makes it more resistant to crushing force. If you do prone work or find yourself in a fight, that extra rigidity can be a huge bonus. You need a holster with a mouth that retains its shape, and the Corvus does that.

bianchi cortona
The Cortona has one-piece construction and is an exceptionally well-made IWB holster. [Photo: Bianchi]

Bianchi Cortona Inside-the-Waistband Holster

Bianchi makes several beautiful leather holsters, and their Cortona IWB design is especially ideal for 1911 fans. The Cortona takes minimalism a step further with its single-clip design and slim profile. This holster is made using premium leather, and the clip is manufactured using spring steel. The clip is also relatively wide, so even though it’s a single-clip design, you can be sure it’ll stay put. I like this one for my Ruger SR1911 and find it works great for carrying immediately behind my strong-side hip or AIWB style.

The Cortona is made using a single-piece construction, and while that might not sound noteworthy, it really is. That means it doesn’t require extra, bulky stitching to keep halves together and that there are fewer potential stress points. It’s rigid, the mouth stays open for holstering, and it’s carefully molded to the gun’s shape. Bianchi manufactures some of the best-made leather holsters, and this IWB design is simply awesome.

In the end, it’s up to you.

Finding the right holster for your needs can take time, so be prepared for the process. Don’t assume it’ll go fast just because a certain holster worked great for your friend or a specific gun writer. Taking the time to find the right holster for you makes carrying easier, safer, and more effective.

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