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Cracking Open The CANCON Arizona 2024 VIP Bag

Cracking Open The CANCON Arizona 2024 VIP Bag

We take a closer look at the goodies included in each VIP bag given away at CANCON Arizona 2024!

At each CANCON event, a limited number of VIP tickets are sold, and the lucky few who manage to purchase one before they’re sold out have quite a few extra things to look forward to. Besides having an additional private day to enjoy the fully-suppressed shooting, VIP attendees also receive a bag packed to the brim with tactical goodness. For CANCON Arizona 2024, the value of those items added up to more than $2,300. Calling it a singular bag is a bit of a misnomer, as it took three different packs to hold everything being given away.

So, without further adieu, let’s dive into what was to be found in each one.

Anechoic Suppressor


The belle of the ball was the suppressor, and this year’s VIP attendees got a pretty sweet package thanks to Anechoic providing a coupon for a free can of their choice. Picking the exact muffler for your needs is a much sweeter proposition than getting one for a caliber you may not even own. Despite the value, walking away with a coupon isn’t very satisfying, so Anechoic even 3D-printed some fake suppressors to include with each one (pictured above). A neat souvenir to play with while waiting for the real deal to transfer. Website: asilencer.com.

SilencerCo Threaded Barrel


If pistol suppressors are your thing, then you’re going to need a threaded barrel. Thankfully, SilencerCo gave away a voucher for a free threaded handgun barrel of their choice. Options include barrels for 20 of the most popular pistol models, so they probably have your flavor. Website: silencerco.com.

Maxim Defense Discount Card

If you were looking to buy a suppressor or any other product from Maxim Defense, the $250 discount card they provided with each VIP bag will make it a more affordable proposition. Website: maximdefense.com.

TiON Discount Card


For those looking to add some titanium to their can collection, TiON also provided a voucher to get 30% off any of its suppressors. Website: tioninc.com.

Armaspec Victory Charging Handle


This charging handle from Armaspec was just one of many AR-15 upgrades VIP attendees found in their bags. It’s ambidextrous, has an ergonomic curved handle design and features integrated gas ports to redirect gasses away from the shooter. Website: armaspec.com.

Timber Creek Outdoors Greyman Selector


This ambidextrous safety selector from Timber Creek is another easy upgrade for any AR-15. Website: timbercreekoutdoorsinc.com.

B5 Systems AR Stock & Grip


The extremely popular Bravo stock and Type 23 grip from B5 Systems. Website: b5systems.com.

Mission First Tactical Translucent EXD Mag


MFT even threw in one of its brand-new Translucent EXD mags, a clear 30-round AR-15 magazine that’s reportedly just as durable as anything else on the market. Website: missionfirsttactical.com.

Breek Arms Sledgehammer Charging Handle


The second charging handle included, because who doesn’t have more than one AR-15 that needs upgrading? This model will prove extra useful for those with suppressed ARs given its gas-reducing features. Website: breekarms.com.

FN ARS Mechanica book


Less of a book and more of a tome, this behemoth from FN comprehensively covers the company’s entire history. Filled with both high-quality color photographs and heaps of detailed information, it’s just as much of a coffee table book as it is a serious historical reference. Website: fnamerica.com.

FN Shooting Mat

The FN shooting mat is beneath all the items on the table.

FN also threw in a branded shooting mat, a handy tool to have around for any shooter who felt like going prone without getting sandy. Website: fnamerica.com.

CRKT Cinco Flipper


This sweet little folding pocket knife from CRKT features an edge-retaining D2 steel blade, a smooth opening IKBS ball-bearing pivot deployment system and a durable G10/stainless steel handle. Website: crkt.com.

Mission First Tactical Sling Bag

The ACHRO 10L EDC Sling Bag proved very convenient for attendees to haul out all their loot, but given its incredibly useful suite of features for everyday carry, they’re likely to see much more use after CANCON as well. Website: missionfirsttactical.com.

The CANCON Arizona 2024 VIP bag was truly three bags. The Mission First Tactical is pictured on the left, the FN range bag is center and the 5.11 Rush is on the right.

5.11 Rush 12 2.0 Backpack

This 24-liter backpack from 5.11 held the bulk of the products given to VIP attendees, but even then, it was overflowing and required two other bags plus careful packing to fit everything inside. Thankfully, the Rush’s several well-thought-out pockets made that job much easier. Website: 511tactical.com.



Of course, this list doesn’t include everything that was given away with each VIP bag, as tons of companies pitched in to provide plenty more swag and smaller pieces of gear. Everything from True Blue Gun Lube to an EOTech mousepad to some very cool hats from Dead Air Silencers. Special thanks to every company that helped make this year’s VIP bag so special.

For more information on CANCON, when the next event is, how to buy tickets and more, please visit CANCONevent.com.

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