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First Look: The BANISH Speed K Suppressor

First Look: The BANISH Speed K Suppressor

Silencer Central and Federal Ammunition have teamed up to release the BANISH Speed K, a compact and maneuverable 5.56 suppressor.

To address what the companies describe as “unmet needs of law enforcement agents,” Silencer Central and Federal Ammunition have come together to release the BANISH Speed K to both the professional and civilian markets. The new suppressor, rated for calibers .17 to 5.56, is advertised as being extremely compact yet capable of delivering impressive performance.

Banish Speed K

Firstly, the BANISH Speed K is only 4 inches long, 2 inches in diameter and weighs just 14.1 ounces. Combined, these attributes make for one very compact and maneuverable suppressor, a perfect match for a carbine intended to be used in tight spaces. Made of Inconel 718, the can also features Controlled Flow Technology to reduce backpressure, an efficient internal design that improves sound reduction and something that Silencer Central calls Duty Temperature Control technology to help keep the can’s internals cooler. Further, the BANISH Speed K’s straight-venting design allows for easy cleaning, helping to prolong the suppressor’s lifespan.

banish speed k 2banish speed k 2

Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central, said this about the new suppressor:

With the release of the BANISH Speed K, we are excited to bring professional-grade suppressor technology to the civilian market … This collaboration with Federal Ammunition has allowed us to create a suppressor that exceeds expectations in terms of performance, durability, and ease of use.

Federal CEO and President Jason Vanderbrink said this:

Our goal at Federal is to continually improve the shooting experience … As an ammunition company driven by innovation, partnering with Silencer Central to engineer the BANISH Speed K continues our legacy of collaborating with industry partners to provide law enforcement and hunters and shooters the best products while on duty, at the bench, or in the field.

The BANISH Speed K is compatible with industry-standard hub mounting systems, but each suppressor will come with your choice of one of six popular thread pitches for direct mounting. It is available now and has an MSRP of $1,199.

For more information, please visit silencercentral.com.

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