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Leave No Trace: The XS Sight Pusher

Leave No Trace: The XS Sight Pusher
The XS Sight Pusher and its Allen wrench, showing the QR code etched on the side.

If you’re tired of dinging up your handguns while messing with their sights, it’s time to take a look at the XS Sight Pusher.

Previously, referring to someone as a “pusher” meant they weren’t to be trusted. That’s not the case with XS Sights. Today, it’s used to adjust your sights, and the Inline Sight Pusher kit for Glock is a simple and straightforward tool.

Normally, sight pushers are designed to work with, well … everything, making them complex. I mean, when you actually have to read the instructions, perhaps it’s too much of a good thing. The XS Sight Pusher, however, is simple and straightforward (or sideways, if you get what I mean).

There’s an adjustment bolt, a sliding brass pusher and an included nylon wedge. Wedge? Yep. You slide the wedge along the angled base of the pusher to adjust the position of the slide and produce a non-slip surface that won’t mar your slide.

Then, you crank the bolt to push the sight. XS Sights also made the brass pushing part with a marked scale, so you can see how much you’ve moved the sight and get a better estimate of how much is “enough.” The best part of all this is that it’s compact and lightweight enough that you can put it in your range bag and take it with you.

Shoot and adjust until your Glock is on-center. If you’re doing the adjustments at home, then the XS Sight Pusher, with its scale on the brass plate and index marks on the pusher body, will tell you when you have your sight centered.

The XS Sight Pusher with the brass pusher retracted and the wedge in place, ready to receive a Glock slide.

Now, even a Glock-specific tool has to have some complication. In this case, it’s one provided by Glock themselves. If you’re working on a Glock 42, the .380 micro-Glock, you’ll have to read the G42-specific step to make sure you do it correctly. Oh, and for those who are online mavens, use the QR code etched on the side of the pusher to download and read the instructions, should you need them at the range. (Brave new world indeed.)

It should go without saying that any and all Glock-clone slides will work just as well in the XS Sight pusher. The kit is the pusher, wedge, Allen key to turn the adjustment bolt, steel Glock front sight tool (so if you’re installing a complete new set of sights, you can do the front one as well), oil and thread-locking goo.

This is the sort of thing that we gunsmiths back in the dark ages wished for or made ourselves to avoid marring sights with aluminum, brass or steel drift punches. No more hammering rods to move sights and no more brass marks or dinged sights. The DIY Series runs $150, which if you own a couple of Glocks is not a big deal. If you only own one Glock, it might seem like a bit, but wait until someone at the gun club has a sight-in issue and you have the tool to solve their problem right there in your range bag.

Being the hero of the day makes the cost go down easier, and getting your own Glock on-center is a whole lot easier.

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the January 2024 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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