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Lone Wolf DAWN 365 Slides and Barrels for SIG P365 & P365XL

Lone Wolf Arms, makers of the Dusk 19, detour from the Glock aftermarket space and offer DAWN 365 slides and barrels for your SIG P365 or P365XL. The slides feature improved serrations, profile bevels & facets for reduced snagging, and an optic cut for Holosun 507K. Likewise, the barrels deliver design elements that produce faster cycling, as well as threaded muzzle availability.

Lone Wolf Arms DAWN 365 Slides

Constructed of heat-treated, high-strength 17-4 stainless steel, the slides are coated for corrosion and wear resistance. Correspondingly, they come in your choice of four colors, including black, ORB, graphite grey, or FDE. However, the slide for the P365XL is only available in black.

(Photo by Lone Wolf Arms)

Designed to fit SIG factory frames, the slides are available for the SIG P365 and P365XL models. Likewise, adhering to exacting tolerances, the slides produce greater shot-to-shot accuracy, according to the company. It is worth noting that the slides are stripped, so you will need to purchase a slide parts kit to make it operational. But this also leaves it open for you to select the sights you want.

The profile design of the DAWN 365 slides features improved forward and rear cocking serrations. Likewise, enhanced profile bevels and facets help to reduce snagging for a quicker and smoother draw. However, they remain compatible with most P365 holsters. In addition, each slide features an optic cut for the Holosun 507K footprint and includes a black cover plate.


Utilizing a 416 stainless-steel construction, the DAWN 365 barrels include a PVD finish for enhanced wear resistance and long-lasting performance. Likewise, as with the slides, the barrels are available in four colors, including black, ORB, graphite grey, or FDE. However, unlike the slides, the barrels are available in all four colors for the P365XL as well as the P365.

Lone Wolf Arms DAWN 365 Barrels.
(Photo by Lone Wolf Arms)

Additionally, the profile design features a hood pocket and profile facets to reduce the bearing surface. As a result, users will enjoy quicker and smoother shooting, according to Lone Wolf Arms. Although they pair perfectly with the DAWN 365 slides for a full upgrade, the barrels are drop-in ready for the SIG P365 and P365XL factory slides.

DAWN 365 barrels are available with or without a 1/2×28 threaded muzzle for attaching a suppressor or other muzzle device.


The Lone Wolf Arms DAWN 365 slides and barrels are available now with MSRPs of $289.95 (slide), $159.95 (non-threaded barrel), and $174.95 (threaded barrel). For more info, please visit LoneWolfDist.com.

Slide Features

  • Ready to use, pre-fit for a drop in installation
  • Slides fit SIG® factory frames
  • Compatible with Lone Wolf® DAWN 365 Barrels and OEM P365 Barrels
  • Coated for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Heat treated, high strength 17-4 stainless steel construction
  • Exacting tolerances produce greater shot-to-shot accuracy
  • Optic cut for Holosun® 507K footprint
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • MSRP: $289.95

Barrel Features

  • 416SS barrel with new DAWN 365 profile design finished in PVD
  • Hood pocket and profile facets to reduce bearing surface for faster cycling and coating wear resistance
  • Factory slide drop-in ready
  • Threaded Barrel (1/2x28tpi) (optional)
  • MSRP: $159.95 (non-threaded) – $174.95 (threaded)

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