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Magpul Helix Shooting Glasses: Hit the Range in Style

We all know Magpul for their PMags, rifle stocks, slings, and other gun-related gear, right? Did you know they also make shooting glasses? And by shooting glasses, I don’t mean cheap safety glasses; I mean ballistic-rated range/sunglasses that also look nice. They are also tented and offer UV protection, but they are far more than standard sunglasses. If you don’t have a good pair of glasses for the range, now would be a good time to correct that.

I’m always amazed at how many people don’t wear some type of eye protection at the range. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you’re shooting and cause damage to your eye. You only have two of those so it’s not worth risking it over a simple pair of glasses. Any pair of glasses is better than none, and glasses made for shooting and other sports are even better.

There are multiple color options to choose from with the Helix shooting glasses. I chose the blue lens. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

When it comes to shooting glasses, it’s preferred to have some type of ballistic rating or at least have some type of safety lens. There are a lot of different shades of lens for shooting glasses and some people own multiple pair for different settings. I’ve been on the range before when it’s so bright that a pair of tinted glasses is a must. It’s not fun to squint in the sun to see your target.

Polarized glasses are also beneficial because they help reduce glare, which distorts color and inhibits a clear view.  But when there is not much light, or you’re doing a night shoot, sunglasses are not ideal either. This has caused me to keep a pair of clear shooting glasses in my range bag for those days when sunglasses don’t cut it.

Is the Magpul Helix glasses worth the investment?

When you start looking at shooting glasses that also double as sunglasses, the choices get a little thinner. The vast majority are cheap safety glasses that work, but the quality is not even close to comparable. A pair of glasses that are more comfortable and durable typically costs more money. I view glasses the same way I do shoes. You can buy a cheap pair, but your feet will hurt, and they won’t last long.

A cheap pair of glasses is fine for those who spend minimal time on the range. But Magpul’s Helix glasses are more than just shooting glasses; they are great for general-purpose use. If you play sports, practice at the range, or carry a firearm for self-defense, these are a perfect choice for EDC.

Magpul Helix shooting glasses.
The Helix shooting glasses are great for men and women on the range or daily use. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

One of the first features that stood out to me is an interchangeable lens. I mentioned above that I keep a pair of clear safety glasses in my range bag for those overcast days. With the Helix glasses, you can simply pull out the tented lens and replace it with a clear one when needed. The glasses do not come with extra lenses, but they can be purchased separately for $29. This is much cheaper than buying a second high-quality pair of shooting glasses.

The initial cost of the glasses runs about $120 so they are not cheap by any means. They are, however, high quality, which we will talk about next. This is a pair you can wear every day and not switch back and forth when you need more protection for your eyes. Even the carrying case is more rugged and durable than most cases you get with sunglasses. For me, the overall quality is worth the investment. So, let’s talk about the quality.

Quality of the Helix shooting glasses

Quality starts with the construction of the glasses and then moves to the design. The frame is constructed of TR90 for strength and flexibility to keep them light and durable. Of course, the most important part is the ballistic rating, which is important when using firearms. The Helix glasses are rated to Z87+ and MIL-PRF 32432 standards.

Coated stainless steel pins make the hinges durable, and the overall width of the lens provides the most visibility possible. The lens material’s oleophobic treatment is resistant to chemicals and UVA and UVB rays, protecting your eyes from both types of ultraviolet light. For cold temperatures, the Helix glasses are stress-crack and impact-resistant even as the cold sets in.

Magpul Helix shooting glasses.
I like wearing the Magpul Helix glasses on and off the range. A clear lens is available for low-light shooting. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

Magpul designed the shape of the frame and lens to reduce moisture and condensation so water sheds from the glasses quickly and keeps a clear line of vision. The final feature of the Helix glasses is the anti-reflective coating on the lens to minimize reflections.

For maximum comfort, Magpul added rubber padding on the temples of the frame for under-helmet comfort. The same rubber is found on the nose support as well, making them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Do they work?

I recently attended an intense multi-day competitive rifle training program and wore my Helix glasses the entire time. Our training kicked off on the range at 08:00, and we ran until 17:00 with only a short lunch break. Normally, shooting glasses start to hurt my head by the end of the day. The area just above my ears starts to ache from the pressure of the earmuffs pushing on them.

I was able to wear them all day for multiple days without any issues, which is a first for me. The lens was great at keeping the sun and glare out of my eyes while allowing me to see perfectly down range. Because of the downward slant on the temple pieces, they also work great with bump or ballistic helmets. The biggest feature for me is the ability to use them as regular sunglasses. They are perfect for men and women, and there’s no need to switch them on and off at the range.

One pair of glasses for everything

With the optional clear set of lenses, this is a great pair of glasses that can be used for just about anything. They don’t look like “range” glasses; they look like everyday, stylish sunglasses. Only these carry a ballistic rating and are designed for the harshest of elements.

I didn’t really say much about the case except that it was durable. The design of the case is also a favorite of mine because it opens from the top. I like this design much better than the standard cases that open from the side. The hard plastic case has a soft lining, and the shooting glasses fit snugly enough that they don’t move around in it. Just slide them in and snap the lid shut.

Magpul Helix shooting glasses.
The Magpul case for the Helix glasses is one of the best cases I’ve seen. I ordered an extra case to use with my other glasses. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

This is a pair of glasses you can invest in and use for years to come. Both on and off the range, they are comfortable and protect your eyes from the unknown. After wearing the Helix glasses for a while, I no longer keep them in my range bag. I use them as a daily pair of glasses. I will be adding the clear lens to my range bag so I can transition them during low-light shoots when needed. If you need a quality pair of glasses for shooting and everyday use, this is a pair worth checking out.

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