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Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical Review: Optic Ready Scattergun

Not all shotguns are meant for the same task. They cover a large spectrum, with each model varying in how and where it is best used. Generalized, these areas cover hunting, competitive shooting, and tactical or defensive purposes. Inarguably, Mossberg is one of the best companies that covers each of these areas with plentiful offerings, such as the 940 Pro Tactical.

The Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical 12-Gauge

With more than one hundred years of experience manufacturing firearms, Mossberg has built a strong reputation for reliability and quality craftsmanship. That reputation resonates with gun owners worldwide for multiple application purposes.

The majority of my focus lies within the home and self-defense arena. So, Mossberg’s 940 Pro Tactical shotgun, As seen at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, quickly caught my attention.

The 940 Pro Tactical is based on the 940 JM Pro released by Mossberg last year. The 940 JM Pro was a creation based on the modifications Jerry and Lena Miculek had made to their 930s. Those modifications, coupled with Mossberg’s innovation, created a dynamic defensive shotgun tailored for home defense and tactical applications.

Prior to the release of the 940 Pro Tactical, Mossberg held a media event at Gunsite Academy in Arizona that I was honored to be part of. Our group took part in a three-day shotgun class utilizing the 940 Pro. Mossberg’s main goal of this event was to gather feedback on both the design and function of the gun.

The next time I was able to experience shooting the 940 Pro was at the 2022 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. Mossberg was in attendance with the finished product, and it was impressive to see that they incorporated much of the feedback they received from the previous Gunsite event.

Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical shotguns ready to run at the Gunsite event.

940 Pro Tactical Details

The 940 Pro Tactical is a 12-gauge gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun with a capacity of 7+1. It has an 18.5-inch barrel that has a noticeably small swell in the end. The barrel is threaded for use with their Accu-Choke interchangeable choke system. Correspondingly, a removable cylinder tube comes installed.

The barrel also has a clamp with a swivel stud and dual-sided M-LOK compatibility slots to allow for attaching kits such as a flashlight and is topped off with an easy-to-acquire red fiber-optic front sight.

The forend, like the stock, is injection molded from glass-filled nylon with solid checkering on the wrist and sides. It is more slender than the 930 version and, to me, much more comfortable to grip.

Versatility in Action

Directly under the barrel is where Mossberg’s ingenuity really shows. The 940 Pro can shoot everything from light birdshot to three-inch magnum slugs. To make this variation possible, serious engineering had to take place.

The 940 accomplishes this with the use of a redesigned, essentially self-regulating piston. This piston vents excess gas out the front, and a separate spring-loaded valve in the gas block works together to trap just enough propellant to cycle the action. The gas that flows under the forend meets a pusher tube connecting the piston to the twin operating rods.

The author has made the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical part of her home defense plan.

This lightweight aluminum component features holes, vents, ridges, and ribs. These both reduce friction and give carbon and debris somewhere to go besides the outside of the mag tube. It is an ingenious design and a major improvement from the original 930 shotgun.

This new design is robust and focused on durability and reliability. All the critical components are nickel boron coated, which adds life to the gun and makes cleanup easy.

Mossberg states that this new design will allow the gun to shoot 1500 rounds before it needs cleaning. While that number is impressive on its own, the engineers present at the event told us they had one particular 940 Pro in Connecticut that had far surpassed that number. And they were pushing to see how far they could actually go.

The shotgun can run 1,500 rounds before cleaning.

Optic Ready

The most impressive feature that really sets the 940 Pro apart from the rest is that it comes optic-ready. It features receiver cuts that accept low-profile direct mounting of Shield RMSc-pattern micro dot sights.

Low profile mounting was one of the aspects discussed at the Gunsite event. Specifically because it enables faster target acquisition, which is paramount in any type of tactical or defensive situation.

On my personal 940 Pro Tactical, I added the Crimson Trace CTS-1550 red dot optic. It features an easy-to-acquire 3.0 MOA round aiming dot. The CTS-1550 boasts a high-efficiency LED for years of use.

The ambient light sensor automatically adjusts to the lighting conditions and turns the device to the lowest setting when the included cover is used, extending battery life. The battery on the CTS-1550 is located underneath the device, allowing for co-witness despite its compact size. Likewise, its small size also pairs well with the 940 Pro’s low-profile capabilities.

The Crimson Trace CTS-1550 red dot optic.

Handling and Loading

In keeping with its tactical edge, Mossberg has included oversized controls on the gun. It has a large-diameter, knurled charging handle and an elongated, serrated safety button. Likewise, a lengthened, contoured bolt release makes it very easy to manipulate, even with gloved hands.

For ease and speed of loading, an enlarged, beveled loading port was specifically configured for quad loading. This is a feature that is at the forefront of all the 940 guns. While you may not be able to accomplish the hand gymnastics to complete a quad load, the gun is very easy to feed in the old-school way.

Another great feature worth highlighting was the inclusion of an anodized bright orange follower. This makes both visual and tactile inspection easier. The gun also has an elongated, pinch-free elevator which will be a point of joy for those who get bit while loading.

Mossberg spent quite a bit of time on the stock. There are few guns that require as much fitting as shotguns. An incorrect length of pull can make shotgun shooting a miserable experience. So, the proper fit for each shooter is very important.

The 940 Pro has multiple adjustments available. The length of pull can be set anywhere from 12.5 inches to 14.25 inches. Rise and cast can also be adjusted by means of shims at the rear of the receiver.

Running the 940 Pro Tactical

I’ve been blessed to have quite a bit of time shooting the 940 Pro Tactical in multiple environments. This includes media events, training classes, and even a personal excursion with Linda Powell of Mossberg, shooting clays off the back of a 90-foot yacht off the coast of San Deigo.

I’ve utilized birdshot, buckshot, and even slugs. I can honestly say that the 940 Pro Tactical is one of the softest shooting shotguns I have experienced. This is all attributed to the unique gas system in the gun.

It also offers a very natural point of aim. The 940 made steel at 25 yards extremely easy to acquire – almost effortless. It was when I hit steel at 130 yards that I realized how capable the gun is when combined with defensive training.

The author was invited to an event at GunSite to shoot the shotgun.

Parting Shots

Having the opportunity to become so familiar with the 940 Pro made me realize I needed to add this to my personal home defense plan.

I’m blessed to have a small range on my property, so I am able to train with my 940 Pro often. Since mine is designated for home defense, I typically shoot buckshot while incorporating moving and shooting drills. I’ve even incorporated dry fire scenario drills throughout my home.

The more I shoot this gun, the more I fall in love with it, especially in this specific role. The 940 Pro Tactical is an excellent choice for any defensive or tactical application.

As always, no matter how well-engineered a firearm may be, training must be incorporated. The 940 Pro Tactical, combined with proper shotgun training, will definitely give the end user a strong advantage in a defensive situation.

To learn more about the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical, please visit Mossberg.com.

Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical Specs

Gauge 12
Capacity 7+1
Chamber 3 inch
Barrel Length 18.5 inches
Front Sight Fiber Optic
Rear Sight Optic-ready
Choke Accu-Choke System – Cylinder Bore Choke Installed
LOP type Adjustable
LOP 12.5″-14.25″
Barrel Finish Matte Blue
Stock Finish Synthetic Black
Weight 7.5 pounds
Length           37.5 inches
MSRP $1120.00
The author runs the Crimson Trace CTS-1550 red dot optic on her personal Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical.

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