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New for 2024: Pulsar Merger LRF XP35 Thermal Binoculars

Pulsar has led the pack in the world of daytime and nighttime optics since 1991. Their products are manufactured in Europe and designed with outdoor applications in mind, with products ranging from rifle scopes to binoculars. At the 2024 Outdoor Classics Show, Pulsar rolled out their latest thermal binocular—the Merger LRF XP35.

Pulsar is rolling out a new thermal binocular set in the Merger LRF XP 35. [Pulsar Optics]

The Pulsar Merger LRF XP35 features the same proven Lynred sensor with a thermal sensitivity NETD <25 mK and an astonishingly stable 17.8 degrees of field view as other optics in the Merger line, but the line at its most compact. Despite its size, it boasts an anodized magnesium housing and up to nine hours of continuous battery life, lending itself well to hard use during long durations in the field without taking up much weight in your pack. It features a digital magnification as low as 2x up to 16x with a field of view of up to 1,000 meters and can detect heat signatures as far as 1,350 meters.

Like the other binoculars in the Merger line, the Pulsar XP35 is equipped with both an internal and an external rechargeable battery to give it its extended life. The optic is also equipped with up to 16 GB of internal memory to take real-time photos and video. The HD AMOLED viewfinder gives a clear digital picture of what lies in the dark, but the images can also be farmed to any WiFi-enabled device.

The new Merger LRF XP35 is now shipping. Keep an eye out at your local dealer and anywhere Pulsar products are sold.

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