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New Nightstick TWM-30-Turbo Handgun Light

Handgun lights are starting to become a standard accessory these days, but selecting the right one isn’t always easy. Today, we are looking at one of Nightstick’s newest options, the TWM-30-T (Turbo). When you start looking for a new light, there are so many options that it can become overwhelming. Not that options are bad, but when you look at the brand, size, Lumen, and Candela, which one do you choose?

Nightstick TWM-30-T weapon light. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

It’s not as simple as watching a YouTube video of some expert who says his favorite light is the only one worth buying. Sure, there are some cheapo lights out there, but not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a handgun light, either. So, that leaves many wandering around the web in search of a good-quality light that won’t break the bank.

Nightstick offers a lot of options in handgun lights, from compact to full size. But what makes the new TWM-30 stand out is the Candela rating on it. While most focus on the Lumen rating, it’s just as important to pay attention to the Candelas, too. Let’s talk about the difference between Lumens and Candela before we get into the details of the new TWM-30 handgun light.

Candela vs Lumens

Candela and Lumens are two forms of measurement for light, but they tell us different things. When we see the Lumens listed on a flashlight, it tells us how much light is emitted from the device. The Candela (or candle power), however, tells us the intensity of the beam coming from the device. This is why you see both measurements listed for flashlights.

High candela vs low candela
The TWM-30 (left) compared to the TWM-30-T (right). [Photo: Jason Mosher]

One isn’t better than the other, but it tells you how the light will perform. A spotlight will have a higher Candela rating than a flood light because they are meant to do two different things. If you want a light that lights up an area, look for a high Lumens and lower Candela. For a light with a strong beam that will spot things further away, you need a higher Candela rating.

The Nightstick TWM-30 is a popular full-size weapon-mounted light for handguns. It emits 1200 Lumens and a low Candela of 9,379. Because of the low Candela, it lights up a room without a noticeable beam. With the new TRM-30-T, however, you get 900 Lumens with a high Candela of 66,000. In the photo above, you can see the difference between the two lights.

About the Nightstick TWM-30-T

Everything about this light is identical to the TWM-30 except for the difference in Lumens and Candela. Because of the increased Candela, the TWM-30-T has a beam distance of 514 meters compared to the 194-meter distance of the TWM-30. Again, this is where you must decide what type of light is needed for your handgun.

Nightstick TWM-30-T weapon light.
Nightstick TWM-30-T weapon light. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

The TWM-30-T has a water/dustproof rating of IP-67 and a total run time of 1.7 hours on high. It runs on two CR-123 batteries, which are the go-to battery for weapon-mounted lights these days. For durability, Nightstick used 6061-T6 aluminum for the body of the light, which gives it a drop rating of 2 meters. It’s listed as impact and chemical-resistant.

During my previous review of the TWM-30, I submerged the light in water, baked it in the oven, and froze it overnight in the freezer. I also dropped it from shoulder height multiple times onto my hardwood floors, and it held up great.

Mounting and operating the TWM-30-T

Nightstick used a quick connect system with a thumb screw bolt. It does have a groove for a flat screwdriver if needed, but it’s not hard to hand-tighten. Depending on the model of handgun you are mounting it to, there are four inserts that change where it sits on the Picatinny rail. The light needs to be flush against the trigger guard, so find the correct one during installation. It comes with the P4 insert already installed, which works on most Glock handguns.

Ambidextrous controls make it easy for both left and right-handed shooters. Simply press down on either switch to activate the light. Like most weapon-mounted lights, the TLR-30-T has momentary and constant-on options. For momentary activation, press down on either button for more than 0.5 seconds, and when you let off, the light will turn off as well.

Nightstick TWM-30-T weapon light.
The TWM-30-T is a full-size light that works great on Glock and other handguns with rails. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

Press down and release the button quickly, and the light will stay on. On some of the other lights I have, the power switch is hard to press, which causes the gun to move in your hands. One thing I like about the switches on this light is how easy they are to push.

Changing the two CR123 batteries requires a Phillips screwdriver, and the light must be removed from the gun. Remove the screw on the back of the light, and the door will open, allowing the batteries to come out.

Need handgun light with an intense beam?

There is a time and place for just about every type of light. There are benefits to lighting up an entire room or outside area when there is a threat. However, a need also exists for a light with a beam that will help identify targets further away. Each person will have to decide which one they need.

Both lights run about $140, so they are priced very well for a quality light. Everything you need to get started comes in the box, and Nightstick offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their products. The TWM-30-T would be a great option for a home defense gun or for those who live in rural areas. With such an intense beam, you can light things up further away, which is needed sometimes.

If you’re looking for a good weapon-mounted light, consider the TWM-30 and/or TWM-30-T.

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