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New Options for A22 Takedown & Model 64 Lines

Savage Arms recently announced additions to two of its popular rimfire lines. Several new color options enhance the Savage Model 64 line, while the popular A22 Takedown adds a new FDE variant.

New Additions to Savage Rimfires Lines

“No other rimfire rifles bring the versatility and flexibility of the A22 Takedown,” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing at Savage Arms. “Weighing in at only six pounds and available in 22LR, this rifle has been very popular and the FDE option should help continue that momentum. Similarly, the Model 64 is a staple for small game hunters and plinkers. We’re happy to offer six new color options in this accurate and fun semi-auto.”

Savage A22 Takedown

The A22 Takedown comprises a wonderfully compact firearm capable of earning its keep behind truck seats or in backpacks. It comes with an 18-inch carbon steel, matte black barrel and the takedown configuration.

Savage A22 Features

  • Semi-automatic rimfire rifle
  • Takedown configuration
  • Synthetic stock includes storage compartment in pistol grip and magazine compartment in cheek riser
  • 18’ carbon steel, matte black barrel
  • Low-profile sights
  • 0 MOA Picatinny Rail with iron sight channel thru rail
  • Tang safety
  • 10-round rotary magazine
  • User-adjustable AccuTrigger (3-5 lbs)

Savage Model 64

Savage Arms Mode 64 Color Series

The Model 64 Color Series brings some fun upgrades to the semi-automatic, 10-round plinker and small-game hunter. It features a straight-blowback action and detachable box magazine. Now multiple color options enable shooters to personalize their .22 rimfire for fun or sport.

Savage Model 64 Features

  • Reliable, semi-automatic 22 LR
  • 10-round detachable box magazine
  • Open sights
  • 21-inch, carbon steel barrel
  • Black matte synthetic stock
  • Grooved receiver

For more info, visit savagearms.com.

Editor’s Take:

We love us some Savage rimfires around here. Very inexpensive and with smartly executed variants like the A22 Takedown, there’s just tremendous value among the Savage lines. With Christmas right around the corner, you can never go wrong with a quality .22 LR under the tree.

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