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Savage Arms AccuCan: New Multi-Caliber Suppressor Line

Savage Arms continues its recent growth, expanding into new product categories. As such, the new Savage Arms AccuCan series debuts with three multi-caliber suppressor options.

Savage Arms AccuCan Suppressors

The AccuCan line of suppressors comprise lightweight, field-serviceable designs, according to savage. The platform reduces sound signature while also cutting down on flash and perceived recoil as well. The series debuts with the AC338, AC30 and AC22 suppressors.

“At Savage, we have continued to create new products that today’s shooters and hunters demand,” said Rob Gates, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Savage. “We’ve introduced several products into all-new categories, and AccuCan Suppressors are no different. We’re really proud of the features, technology and true performance-enhancing qualities found in our initial suppressor offerings. We’re excited to have the Savage name in another new and rapidly growing category. We can’t wait for shooters and hunters to get these into the field to see the advanced design, quality, reliability and ruggedness that accompany all Savage Arms products.”

AccuCan Features

Each individual AccuCan suppressor features a MonoKore design for increased accuracy. Savage bills the cans as “rugged” and delivering “unmatched strength-to-weight ratios.” The suppressors disassemble/reassemble via a three-piece design. Better still, the process does not require the use of specialized tools or equipment.

AccuCan Models

The line debuts with the AC338, AC30, and AC22, offering a wide range of caliber compatibility. The lightweight AC338 target the PRS market. Meanwhile the AC30 crosses into both hunting and PRS pursuits, designed specifically for 7.62x51mm and 6.5 Creedmoor. Finally, the AC22 features the MonKore design and can be ugpraded and reparable without damaging or changing the serialized part.

Retail prices range from $399.99 (AC22) to $999.99 (AC338) For more info, visit savagearms.com.

Editor’s Take:

Savage Arms continues its ascent into a full-house gunmaker once again. In recent years, we’ve seen the addition of the Stance and 1911 pistols, over-under and competition semi-auto shotguns and more. Now the AccuCan moves Savage into the increasingly crowded segment of suppressors. At first glance, there is a lot to like here, including the $400 price of the AC22. We fully plan to heat one up on the range real soon and find out for sure.

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