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Silencer Central & Outdoor Stewards Support Wildlife Conservation

Silencer Central recently announced a new collaboration with Outdoor Stewards of Conservation Foundation (OSCF) and the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks to recognize the significant contributions made by hunters, target shooters and industry manufacturers in support of wildlife conservation efforts through the Pittman-Robertson Act.

Silencer Central Joins Forces to Support Wildlife Conservation

An OSCF video series titled “Connecting with Conservation,’ a collaboration with industry manufacturers and state fish and wildlife agencies, highlights the efforts. The latest installment showcases a visit to South Dakota and Silencer Central’s Sioux Falls headquarters. The video sheds light on the remarkable conservation efforts taking place across the state.

“We are proud to connect with and visit Silencer Central. It was great to learn of their dedication to conservation. By donating millions of dollars’ worth of their suppressors to conservation groups they truly are making a difference.,” said Outdoor Stewards of Conservation Foundation’s Executive Director Jim Curcuruto. “By contributing $3.6 billion each year, America’s 60+ million active HATS (Hunters, Anglers, Trappers and Shooters) are truly the primary funders of wildlife conservation in America, and we appreciate Silencer Central helping to spread that message.”

The Pittman-Robertson Act

The Pittman-Robertson Act generates funds from excise tax levied against select outdoor products. The revenue supports projects including land acquisition and improvement of wildlife habitat. It further supports introduction of wildlife into suitable habitat, research, surveys and inventories of wildlife populations. The money also funds hunter education programs, along with construction and operation of public target shooting ranges.

“As more people hunt and target shoot, more money goes to conservation,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “We are proud to partner with a variety of conservation organizations to expand this initiative and we’re honored to host OSCF at our headquarters.”

The partnership between hunters, sport shooters and outdoor industry manufacturers comprises the largest contributor to wildlife conservation and public access to natural resources in America. The outdoor industry funneled nearly $5 billion to state wildlife agencies over the last five years alone.

For more info, visit SilencerCentral.com.

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