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Taurus Announces Collab with PHLster for GX4 and GX4 Carry Pistols

Taurus recently announced a special collaboration with PHLster Holsters for holsters specifically designed for the GX4 and GX4 Carry pistols. Taurus owners can choose between the Skeleton holster for a more traditional carry or the Enigma Express for a more versatile option.

“This collaboration ensures that our customers have access to holsters that meet their needs, whether they are new to concealed carry or seasoned carriers”, said Marketing Manager Caleb Giddings.

Taurus announced the collaboration with PHLster to provide options for the GX4 and GX4 Carry pistols. Compatible with the Skeleton and Enigma Express holsters, Taurus users will now have options for concealed carry. [Photo: Taurus/PHLster]

The Skeleton holster offers a more traditional carry option, attaching to the user’s belt. The slim holster has a true-fit length and is compatible with slide-mounted optics and suppressor sights. It has radiused portions for the user’s comfort and is said to be ideal for users with holster length sensitivities. The fully ambidextrous holster has been designed to work the Enigma platform under tight-fitting clothing or as a standalone option, depending on the user’s preference. The Skeleton holster is available for $59.

The second option for Taurus GX4 and GX4 Carry pistols is the PHLster Enigma Express set-up. The Enigma Express comes from PHLster fully assembled and ready to carry with a Skeleton holster pre-installed. With an adjustable waist belt and leg leash, the Enigma Express offers users a way to concealed carry without relying on the waistband of the user’s pants. When ordering the Express, the user can choose between a right or left orientation for the holster, and with a multitude of accessories or fit adjustments, it’s easy to customize. The Enigma Express has a price tag of $154.

With each holster from PHLster comes a wealth of education on the company’s website, so regardless of the experience level, the user gets the ultimate experience. The companies are confident that users can carry confidently and effectively with either choice from PHLster for the Taurus GX4 and GX4 Carry pistols.

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