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The CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro Review: The Scorpion Strikes Again

There are moments in the firearms industry when a company releases a gun that almost immediately moves into legendary status. This was the case when CZ released the CZ Scorpion EVO 3. However, not one to rest on its laurels, CZ continued to evolve the platform, resulting in the Scorpion 3+ Micro.

The CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro

The original gun was designed to run full auto with an eye on the military and law enforcement market. It was an evolution in submachine gun design and was successful. The gun became wildly popular, and CZ saw a huge demand for a civilian model.

In a fantastic business move, CZ released the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 Pistol in 2014. The gun was an instant hit, and as they say, the rest is history.

Like all things CZ, though, the Scorpion would see improvements and modifications based on shooter feedback. In fact, we first got eyes and mitts on an early prototype at the 2021 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous held in Victor, Idaho. It turned heads at that event, to say the least.

Today, CZ has released its latest update to this solid platform. Say hello to the CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro.

(Photo by Michael Bordon)

Gun Details

This gun is chambered in 9mm and is the epitome of compact. CZ has made some nice changes to the platform and made it even more enjoyable to shoot. The fully redesigned Scorpion 3+ Micro rounds out the popular Scorpion 3+ semi-automatic firearm platform.

Ambidextrous controls have become an almost expected feature in modern firearms, and the Scorpion 3+ answers that call. It includes an ambidextrous AR-style mag release and bolt catch/release. These controls have shifted position from the EVO 3 for easy-to-find, intuitive operation, which is essential in high-stress situations.

The charging handle can easily be swapped to either side of the front of the gun. This allows easy manipulations for right- and left-hand shooters. It is a little reminiscent of the HK design, and you can channel your inner MP5 operator by slapping it down.

Users will notice a notch in the magazine that accommodates the new mag release.

The reversible side charging handle of the CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro is reminiscent of the MP5.
(Photo by Michael Bordon)

Handling the 3+ Micro

A redesigned grip allows you to run the safety more easily. While an improvement in design, the safety still offers a bit of a knuckle rub.

A straightened grip improves ergonomics and control. Additionally, the grip is adjustable to help different shooters more easily reach the trigger. The M-Lok handguard makes adding attachments like lights and lasers an easy task.

A re-engineered mag well features a recessed front radius on the lower receiver, adding more purchase on the handguard for shooters with gloved hands. The Scorpion 3+ sight’s lower third co-witness with a standard height red-dot optic allows users to easily have an unobstructed view of the target over the iron sights. The sights are adjustable and made from hearty aluminum.

The sights are adjustable and made from hearty aluminum.
(Photo by Michael Bordon)

The cold-hammer-forged barrel offers good accuracy, is threaded 1/2×28, and comes suppressor-ready.

Magazine-wise, the 20-round magazines of the Scorpion 3+ are backward compatible, but they won’t accept previous-gen mags due to the addition of the AR-style mag release cutout. While some people will whine about this, many of those same people have been asking for an AR-style mag release. I believe it is a good move.

A 3+ For Me

The team over at CZ was kind enough to get me a Scorpion 3+ Micro to test and evaluate. As with all guns I get in, I do a detailed inspection to get first impressions.

Right out of the box, the gun is sexy. I realize that I should focus on quantifiable aspects of the gun, but looks matter. Say what you want, it is one of the things that drive sales. Fit and finish were great and were exactly what I have come to expect from CZ. They have mastered putting guns out that are solid right out of the box.

While CZ will tend to focus on the functional side of improvements to the gun, they do look very good. The new foregrip has a more modern look when compared to the old-school foregrip.

The pistol grip is also a major improvement. I found it to be much more ergonomic and textured sufficiently to provide a solid grip. It fits the gun perfectly and is very comfortable. All that was left at this point was to take it for a test drive and kick the tires.

For the range section of this project, the only modification I would make to the gun was the addition of an optic. Today, I will be using the EOTech HWS XPS3, which is the shortest and lightest night-vision compatible HWS in the EOTech lineup.

For testing, the author used the EOTech HWS XPS3. The unit is the shortest and lightest night-vision compatible HWS in the EOTech lineup.
(Photo by Michael Bordon)

Powered by a single transverse-mounted CR123 lithium battery, the XPS provides additional rail space. This leaves more room for rear iron sights, magnifiers, or night-vision devices. It would be the perfect optic for my testing.

I wanted to run a spectrum of ammo during the test, so I chose three of my favorites: Federal 147-grain American Eagle, Hornady 115-grain FTX Critical Defense, and Blazer brass 115-grain FMJ.

Time To Sting

A quick zero of the EOTech, and we were off to the races. While this little micro blaster screamed for a brace, I ran it purely in its pistol configuration. Recoil was negligible, and I was easily able to print a two-inch group at 25 yards.

If the gun had been set on a bench with a sandbag, I believe it could have been tighter. However, this is not a precision rifle, and the likelihood of being able to bench it during a fight is minimal.

While smooth, the trigger was pretty heavy. A check on my trigger gauge showed it breaking at just over 7 pounds. A bit heavy for a gun this small, but I have seen worse. The reset on the trigger is very tactile, however, and I guarantee you will know it has reset.

The gun sports an ambidextrous AR-style mag release and bolt catch/release, making it easy to run for those accustomed to AR-15 controls.
(Photo by Michael Bordon)

The fit of the magazines was perfect. Ammo loading was easy, and the mags seated in the gun with no brute force required. Mag changes were a breeze, and the bolt release was easy to index and operate. The gun I received had two 20-round mags, and they worked well. I am certain that higher-capacity mags for this gun are lurking.

The small size of the gun made close contact drills a breeze, and it really shined on barricades. The hand stop on the foregrip allowed me to get more dynamic tension on the gun. It is also a good reminder for people that the area forward of the device is a no-go for fingers.

The Perfect PDW?

As I test guns like this, I find myself asking just what role it fills. I am a utilitarian at heart, and guns usually need to fill a role in my world. In my mind, this is a solid personal PDW-style gun. Small, compact, and easy to carry, it checks all the boxes.

While the term “truck gun” gets thrown around a lot, the CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro really does fit that role. It is small enough to store and very quick to deploy in close quarters. It also makes a good backpack and covert carry option.

While there was a day when I would have made you a tin foil hat if you talked about covertly carrying a gun like this, times have changed. If you are going to pack something more than your EDC pistol, you might as well make it something with good magazine capacity and serious reliability.

Speaking of reliability, the Scorpion 3+ Micro ate everything I fed it. There was no difference in performance between ball ammunition and hollow-point defensive loads.

The new CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro performed quite well in close-quarter drills.
(Photo by Michael Bordon)

Parting Shots

Beyond the application aspects of this gun, it really is fun to shoot. It was easy to handle, and when run with a sling to help stabilize the gun, it was accurate. Overall, I give the gun high marks.

Its DNA as the child of a submachine gun means that it has some fight and attitude in it. The wide changes emphasize that the Scorpion 3+ is a thoughtful and informed redesign of the EVO 3, rather than a line extension with minor adjustments.

In short, they listened closely to the end users of the original guns and made improvements. CZ is aiming to build on the success of previous Scorpion models’ proven features with these enhancements.

If you are in the market for a gun that is as fun and good-looking as it is functional, don’t overlook the CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro.

For more information, visit CZ-USA.com.

Gun writers got their first look at the CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro prototype at the 2021 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous.
(Photo by Michael Bordon)

CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro Specs

Caliber 9mm
Barrel 4.2 inches
Overall Length 14.6 inches
Weight 4.7 pounds (empty)
Grips Adjustable polymer
Sights Adjustable, aluminum
Action Semi-auto
Capacity 20+1
MSRP $1,300.00

This article was originally published in the Combat Handguns January/February 2023 issue. Purchase this issue in print or digital at OutdoorGroupStore.com.

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