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The GunMagWarehouse Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year once more. Father’s Day is here, and legions of dads simply shrug when asked what they want. Dads never seem to know what they want; most dads just buy whatever they need. We purchase what we need, and sometimes, we don’t know what we want. When I was tasked with this article, I struggled to figure out the theme and advice I could offer.

Then it clicked, and my mental lightbulb brightened a dimmed brain. Instead of finding out what dad needs or what he wants, approach it from an angle of what’s fun and what’s novel. If you’re here, we know your dad is a gun guy, so what would a gun guy find novel or fun? With that same idea in mind, this is a big industry, so Dad might not ask for XYZ gifts because he doesn’t even know they exist. I set my sights on gift ideas that are fun, novel, and likely unknown to the average gun-owning dad.

While most of my picks revolve around the fun and novel theme, I also wanted to include some practical options. These are products that your dad might be asking for or wanting. I understand that if you’re not a gun enthusiast, this industry can be overwhelming. So, I’ve included some straightforward, practical gift ideas to make your Father’s Day shopping a breeze.

Exothermic Pulsefire Flamethrower

This isn’t the first time I put a flame thrower on a Father’s Day gift guide, and it won’t be the last. When we discuss fun and novel, a flame thrower sticks out to me as the number 1 pick. Dad won’t ask for one because it’s not that common of knowledge that not only do they exist, but they are perfectly legal in 48 out of 50 states. It has a practical application and can be used for controlled burns, but most people will likely own one just because it’s fun.

Is your AR-15 missing the ultimate accessory, a flamethrower? Well, we have you covered.

The Exothermic Pulsefire Underbarrel Flamethrower can even attach to your AR-15. It fires 20 seconds of fire that’s electrically ignited. The flames can reach out and roast marshmallows up to 25 feet away. Why is it fun to shoot flames from a flame thrower? Why does it reach into my brain and extract happy chemicals?

I really don’t know. That’s like asking why a rainbow is beautiful or how exactly a posi-trac rear-end on a Plymouth works. No one knows; it just does. The Exothemric Pulsefire isn’t exactly cheap, but didn’t Dad help you pay for that degree? Put it to good use and let him upstage every dad who just got a tie and some socks for Father’s Day.

A Magpul Drum

Drums are firearm magazines that are typically round and designed to hold a lot of ammo. Historically they’ve kind of sucked. They are unreliable, difficult to use, and generally expensive. Magpul, an industry legend, swung in and completely changed the world’s perception of drums. Magpul produced reliable, durable, easy-to-use drum options. Magpul doesn’t make a drum for every gun, but if your dad has the following, Magpul has you covered.

Magpul d60 in rifle
Drums can suck, but the D60 does absolutely rules.

Check out some of the drum mag offerings below:

CZ Scorpion
PCC That Uses Glock Magazines

That covers some of the most popular firearms in the world, and your dad likely owns at least one firearm that can use a drum magazine. These drums are reliable and hold anywhere from 50 to 60 rounds of ammo. They aren’t cheap, but they are affordable for reliable and easy-to-use drums. The Magpul drums can be left loaded and tend to be easy to load due to their loading lever.

Mantis Laser Academy

If your dad likes to train and perfect his skills and doesn’t mind a little tech, then the Mantis Laser Academy is for you. The Mantis Laser Academy system uses your phone with the Mantis Laser Academy app to read a set of custom targets. Inside the app, you have tons and tons of drills and training tasks that make use of specific targets and skills.

Mantis Laser Academy feature

It’s all about dry fire, and a laser cartridge is inserted into your weapon. The phone’s camera captures that laser when it hits the custom target. This logs your hits and can pair them with a timer. Now, we have both accuracy and time data to track Dad’s skill-building journey. Of all the high-tech systems on the market, the Laser Academy is the easiest to use with the most features.

It’s fun, affordable, and even hits the practical button.

Caldwell AR500 Pepper Popper Steel Target

Let’s pivot from high-tech dry fire to low-tech live fire. The Caldwell AR500 Pepper Popper target is a steel target system capable of withstanding impacts from handguns, shotguns, and most rifles. A .50 BMG will rip it to pieces, but your average AR and hunting rifle won’t destroy it. Trust me when I say that Dad will have a huge smile when he hears the ding of a successful steel hit.

Steel popper target
Steel poppers are an absolute blast.

That’s an audible sign dad hit that target, but that’s not all this target offers you. The AR500 Pepper Popper Steel Target gives a visual reaction and falls when hit. A reset spring instantly sends the target upward and resets it in place for your next shot. Paper targets have their purpose, but boy, oh boy, do steel targets paste a smile on your face.

Holosun DRS MRS

Let’s end our fun and novel selection with the most expensive item on the list, the Holosun DRS MRS. This optic delivers a combination of a reflex sight and night vision scope in one package. Yep, Holosun combined the two to create an incredible optic. This reflex sight includes a 1024×768 OLED digital night vision sensor that overlays a night vision layer over your optic. This allows Dad to own the night!

Holosun's Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope
Holosun released the Digitial Night Vision rifle scope or DRS-NV unit, which was teased at the SHOT Show earlier this year. Featuring an anodized corrosion-resistant aluminum body, the optic combines a digital red dot optic with night vision capabilities, all in a unit that is under 19 ounces in total weight. [Photo: Holosun]

Don’t get me wrong. It’s practical, but it’s also fun. It’s unlikely that you’ll need night vision, but it’s a ton of fun to shoot at night without white light. The night vision mode can be turned off, and it’s still a handy day optic.

The Practical Father’s Day Gifts

I told you I had a few practical options if the above doesn’t work. The practical options tend to sound a little less exciting but will still be appreciated by Dad.

Ammo – If Dad likes guns, then Dad needs ammo. How much ammo does a dad need? There is a simple mathematical equation, and it goes X + 1 = How Much Ammo Dad Needs. Yep, there is always room for more ammo in the range bag.

Boxes of ammunition
Stacks of ammo can help you beat price spikes and shortages. (Jim Davis Photo)

Magazines—Like ammo, magazines are always great to have. You’ve also come to the right place, seeing as how we are GunMagWarehouse. I tend to stick to the manufacturer magazines, Magpul or Mec-Gar. If you stick with those, you can’t go wrong.

Lancer cover image

Savior Equipment Pro Touring Icon Case

Savior Equipment makes some great stuff. The Pro Touring Case is a gun case that looks like a Tennis racket case. It’s semi-hard-sided and designed to take abuse. The Savior Equipment case is designed to be a disguised case and is aimed at rifles, but it works well for handguns, shotguns, etc. It’s 30 inches long, so Dad might need a folding stock or similar setup for a long gun.

tactical tennis case
This is the most overbuilt tennis case on the market


The SIG FOXTROT-MSR earns the Caps Lock award and is also an affordable, lightweight, and very powerful weapon light. It’s set up for long guns and comes with an M-LOK setup for quick and easy attachment to modern firearms. The light packs 33,000 candela and 1,350 lumens. If that sounds like Spanish to you, don’t worry; Dad will be impressed by those numbers.

Happy Dad’s Day

Burgers, beer, and great presents will let Dad know he’s loved and appreciated, and you know him just enough to get him some sweet gifts. Sometimes, dads get focused on needs and must-haves rather than fun, so be the source of fun and provide him with something that gives him a new experience if you can. If practicality is your game, well, we have you covered there, too.

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