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The Spartan Blades Spartan-Nemec Folder: Deadly Style

I am one that is never without a knife—with the exception of legally prohibited situations. However, I try to avoid those situations whenever possible. However, there are times when typical EDC blades just don’t jibe with dress attire. This is where blades like the Spartan Blades Spartan-Nemec folder come in. The beautiful blend of elegant design and functionality fits right into any setting.

The Spartan Blades Spartan-Nemec Folder

As an official welcome to the Spartan Blades family, the Spartan-Nemec was designed by Czech Republic’s Ondřej Němec. The knife is a masterful fusion of style and lightweight functionality, culminating in a pocket-friendly, slim folding design. As a result, it provides discreet and unobtrusive pocket carry that all but disappears in the pocket until needed.

The business end of the Spartan-Nemec features a 3.5-inch straight-back blade constructed of CPM S35VN. Considered premium steel, CPM S35VN is a martensitic stainless steel that offers a blend of corrosion resistance and toughness. Likewise, it delivers excellent edge-holding characteristics.

Likewise, the 0.125-inch thickness, coupled with the full flat grind, delivers exceptional slicing capabilities. Riding on the caged bearing pivot system, the blade is brought to bear via the flipper action. Correspondingly, once open, it is held in lockup at its full length of 8 inches via a liner lock.

The lightweight Spartan-Nemec is available in your choice of carbon fiber or titanium frame. Each model exudes elegance, while the titanium model also adds texturing that’s not only stylish but will aid in retention. Weighing a meager 0.124 pounds (carbon fiber) or 0.164 pounds (titanium), the knife easily hides away in the pocket via the deep-carry wire pocket clip.


The Spartan Blades Spartan-Nemec folder is available now with an MSRP of $275.00 – $295.00, depending on the model. For more info, please visit SpartanBladesUSA.com.

(Photo by Spartan Blades)

Spartan Blades Spartan-Nemec Folder Specs

Designers Ondřej Němec
Blade Length 3.5 inches
Blade Thickness 0.125 inches
Overall Length 8 inches
Blade Steel Premium CPM S35VN
Blade Hardness 58-60 HRC
Blade Style Folding-Straight Back-Flat ground
Blade Finish Stone Washed
Frame Liner Lock, Sculpted Carbon Fiber
or Liner Lock, Satin Titanium Finish with Black Hardware
Weight 0.124 pounds (Carbon Fiber), 0.164 pounds (Titanium)
MSRP $275.00 (Carbon Fiber), $295.00 (Titanium)

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