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What is The Perfect EDC?

There is definitely no one-size-fits-all EDC. Simply put, it doesn’t exist. It can’t exist. That’s because every day of your life is different. No matter how mundane and routine, I doubt anyone on the planet has the same regiment. So, what is the perfect EDC for you and everyone else on the planet? Great question.

Finding The Perfect EDC

Of course, we all have the same basics every day: a wallet, a knife, keys, a flashlight, and obviously, your standard carry gun. But here’s where it starts to get tricky. What does your day consist of? Are you off to the gym? Work? A plane trip out of town for next month’s cover feature? What is it exactly about this particular day that will determine the other items that fill your pockets?

A well-rounded EDC consists of an everchanging lineup of carry gear that you have come to rely on based on its convenience, familiarity, and ease of comfort. That last item is Probably why most of us leave the Black-Rifle-Build at home and instead grab our trusty Glock and head out the door.

Your Fitness Routine

Most of us start the day with a workout, which means getting strapped up before the break of dawn. As a recovering cyclist, people often asked me what I carried for protection on a bike ride. The answer sometimes surprised people. Most days, I left the house for a two-wheeled adventure with nothing more than a piece of sharpened G10 around my neck or tucked discreetly inside my waistband. 

I preferred those by the likes of GLG and Offensive Industries. If you’re a jogger up before the morning sun, this could easily work just as well for you. The thought of printing while wearing spandex is still cringy to this day. There is no doubt that cyclists and joggers are easy prey, and I’m. a bit surprised they aren’t victims of crime more often. Of course, the go-to, especially among females, seems to be pepper spray. 

Now, if you’re a gym rat, on the other hand, tossing a concealed carry pistol into your fanny pack next to some pre-workout is an easy task. Toss in a set of brass knuckles, and no one is taking advantage of you on your way to the squat rack. A stun gun or taser could also be carried easily in one of these settings.

(Photo by Ben Tirpak)

The Workplace

 The difference between a blue-collar workplace and an office job most likely dictates what’s in your pocket. The office environment can be a challenging place to carry self-defense weapons. Most places have security guards and metal detectors, and many are of course, “Gun-free” zones. Again, I found a cleverly disguised piece of G10 sharpened and made it look like a BIC pen or no. 2 pencil to be extra handy in this situation. 

Items like a Tactikey or a roll of quarters are also an excellent addition but may raise suspicion if you have to go through a security screening. What about pepper spray lip balm? A sword inside your umbrella? And don’t forget the UZI inside the briefcase trick, which is my personal favorite.

A blue-collar job, on the other hand, probably has the advantage of on-the-job carry. Most require you to have steel-toe boots and carry a razor blade as part of the job requirement. Even as a stock clerk or barista, there are plenty of ways to carry items more discreetly into your workplace.

Obviously, if you have a military or law enforcement job, I doubt you have a problem carrying your favorite self-defense items.

The Day Trip or Vacation

Here’s where things get a whole lot trickier. Air Travel, a subway ride, a day hike in the wilderness with friends. This is where you must learn to adapt and change your kit to suit your specific needs. Each of these has unique and vastly different opportunities for everyday carry.

Hiking presents you with an opportunity to break out the bigger fixed blade, strap on and outside the waistband holster, and throw the musket over the shoulder. You’re in the outdoors, the call of the wild here. There’s no judgment! O.K., maybe, leave the musket at home but use this opportunity to bust out your safe queen 1911 and show the boys where you spent that hard-earned bonus check money.

On the other end of the spectrum is a 4-hour commute on the old FLY-FLY. Unfortunately, there aren’t many EDC opportunities in this area. Sharpened G10 sticks again are your best option here. Think bookmarks, writing implements, and hair picks for the ladies or ponytail-wearing men; again, no judgment here.

Blackside Customs makes some of the most stylish EDC items on the planet.
(Photo by Blackside Customs)

Endless Possibilities

It’s impossible to cover every situation and every scenario you will encounter in your daily routine, but I hope this article gets you thinking. Mix and match your gear to every part of your day; what you leave the house with in the morning may not stay with you until the night’s end. Some items may remain in your car or in your gym bag until after you clock out. However that being said, here are a few of our favorites around SKILLSETHQ.

Blackside Customs Tactical pen Because there’s nothing better than a writing instrument that can also save your life, with style!

Join the Blackside here today.

511 flashlight Carrying a pocket-sized flashlight is mandatory. The EDC PL1AAA Is a personal favorite.

You can find it, along with all your favorite 511 gear, here.

Folding Knife Who doesn’t carry a knife? Is thiere any tool that has as many uses as a folder that can also save your life?

Here’s a link to Hinderer Knives, like the one pictured in this article. It really is in my pocket every day.

Keybar Fully customizable tool that can also get you into your house at night.

You can get your hands on one today by visiting Keybar today.

Glock 19 w spare mag. It’s like an old Toyota pick, folks; it just works, and parts and mods are plentiful.

Do we really need to put a link here?

A Quality Belt. You are going to need a study well-constructed belt to hold your pants up, and this is one piece of kit that I personally find gets overlooked. Again, I prefer to keep it in the USA and wear belts made by Man Belt Leather.

Most EDC's or pocket dumps cosset of the same 4 or 5 items making up the foundation.
(Photo by Ben Tirpak)

 Let’s Hear it, Fam

Now, this is by no means everything to consider when walking out the door in the morning, but we hope it gives the “Average Joe” a better understanding of the basics of a well-rounded essential everyday carry. There are endless possibilities for improvement and expansion on this topic. Should you have a med kit, a plate carrier, or a machete, let the arguments begin!

We invite you to share, comment, critique, and add to everything I’ve forgotten. Your feedback is appreciated and welcomed; we love hearing from the #skillsetfam. So lets hear what makes up your perfect EDC, we are waiting.

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