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5 Budget-Friendly Holsters Actually Worth Buying

The problem, of course, isn’t how to find a good holster; it’s how to get a good one that doesn’t cost an arm, a leg, and your firstborn.

Dropping close to $100 for a plastic holster seems a little much at first blush. Can you get into a good one for less? Absolutely. Quality, affordable gear IS out there…

…but you have to know what to look for.

Look for a good design, attention to details, and good construction. Each of these examples is worth far more than the price paid in terms of features and performance, so if you wanted to get into some quality gear for less, these would be good starting points.

Dark Star Gear Apollo IWB

Optimized for appendix carry and your wallet. Dual RCS overlook clips (1.5 or 1.75) optic cut, and Engima-compatible. You can add DCC clips and a Modhook as optional extras.

The molding and finish work are outstanding, and the company has been known as one of the better holster makers for years.

MSRP is $49.99, but watch for sales. They’re usually marked down to $39.99, which is practically theft. Oh, and you get Lemonheads with the purchase. Who doesn’t like Lemonheads?

VISIT Dark Star Gear

Rounded Gear

Rounded GearRounded Gear

Rounded Gear, formerly Concealment Express, quietly pays attention to details that other Amazon-tier brands miss.

Edge dressing and polishing for comfort, little excess material, and smart optional upgrades like optic cuts, DCC Monoblocs, Modhooks and more.

A basic IWB will set you back $41.95, with additional add-ons and different designs that will tack on a little more. Compared to so many other mid-shelf-priced holster companies, they see a surprising number of little details.

The best ever? No, but quietly better than some of the bigger names that are known for mediocre (yet loudly advertised) products at higher price points. And you can get them with Prime shipping.


Raven Concealment Systems Perun

RCS Gear PerunRCS Gear Perun

The RCS Perun costs $50, which starts to creep into budget-unfriendly territory, but most people will never have to replace it.

The Perun is an injection-molded high-ride OWB, open top with cant-adjustable belt loops and slide-adjustable retention. The muzzle end is open, which allows for threaded barrels and some muzzle devices to pass through, as well as foreign media.

If you did manage to break one, they’re warranted for life. If there’s a better almost all-purpose OWB, it’s a non-starter for open carry as it lacks active retention, but it’s hard to think of one.

Check Out the Raven Concealment Systems Perun

When On Sale: El Paso Saddlery Summer Cruiser IWB

El Paso Saddlery Summer Cruiser IWBEl Paso Saddlery Summer Cruiser IWB

A capable Summer Special clone in roughout leather with your choice of brown or black leather snap loops. El Paso’s take on Bruce Nelson’s timeless leather holster design (which he originally created for appendix carry by the way…in the 1950s) has the hallmarks of a quality leather IWB.

The mouth is reinforced with an additional layer of leather over a spring steel band with directional snaps. It includes the inverted V-shaped sight channel for a smooth draw and excellent blocking for a good fit.

Having owned a few, the only downside appears to be the thread, but it takes a year or two (or maybe three) for it to be an issue. If a person wanted a quality leather IWB that cost a little less, this would be a good pick…

…IF, that is, you find one on sale through a third-party retailer. When they are, they tend to go for around $80 to $90. MSRP is normally $127, and you might as well spend a little more and get a Milt Sparks or Kramer at that point.

CHECK OUT THE El Paso Saddlery Summer Cruiser IWB

Mika Pocket Holster

Mika Pocket HolsterMika Pocket HolsterNiche, but highly regarded in it. Talk to the top-tier instructors in the pocket/snubby space, and most of them have endorsed the Mika Pocket Holster at one point or another.

Made from a sandwich of materials with a leather outer skin and multi-stitched for solid construction, and wrapped with textured tape to grip the pocket. You have your choice of a square end or round end, and it is made to fit most pocket-sized guns, including snub revolvers and popular mini autos.

It’s considered one of the go-tos for pocket holsters by people who have pocket-carried professionally. And it goes for less than $40.

VISIT Mika Pocket Holsters

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