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Brooklyn Resident Receives 10-Year Sentence for ‘Ghost Guns’ and 50 Rounds

A Brooklyn resident has been sentenced to a decade in prison for possessing 13 untraceable firearms, including several AR-15-style rifles.

BROOKLYN, NY (5-minute read) — Dexter Taylor, a 53-year-old from Bushwick, has received a 10-year prison sentence from Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Abena Darkeh for his involvement with ‘ghost guns.’

In a case that highlights New York City’s growing concern over ‘ghost guns,’ Taylor was convicted on multiple counts, including two charges of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and three of third-degree criminal possession. His firearms, uncovered during a raid on his Eldert Street home in April 2022, consisted of four AR-15-style rifles, five handguns, and four other rifles, all assembled without appropriate licensing through the state. Additionally, 50 rounds of ammunition, a 3D printer, and various firearm-building parts were also seized.

Taylor reportedly spent approximately $40,000 on components to construct these firearms, stating his intention was due to the significant issues New York City faces with illegal firearms. He asserted, despite his arrest and the charges, that he was not contributing to the city’s firearm problems.

The case of Dexter Taylor serves as a stern reminder to gun owners that, if you live in an area where they will turn you into a felon, it’s best to make a move to a friendlier state.

Safety Tip: New York is a terrible state for gun owners and if you live there, could face prison time for their anti 2A laws.

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