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Bystander with Concealed Carry Stops Carjacking Attempt at Florida Gas Station

ORMOND BEACH, FL – An attempted carjacking at an Exxon gas station in Ormond Beach was thwarted by a vigilant bystander with a concealed carry firearm on Saturday morning.

The incident began when Marvette Perry, 36, allegedly tried to steal a couple’s car. The victim had parked at the gas station to use the bathroom, but before he could exit his vehicle, Perry opened the door, pushed him aside, and got into the driver’s seat.

Adam McDaniels, a visitor from North Carolina, was refueling his vehicle when he noticed the commotion. Without hesitation, he approached the car and intervened.

“I got out with my firearm,” McDaniels recounted. “I ran over, pointed my firearm with a laser at her chest, and told her not to reach for any weapons.”

Upon realizing Perry was unarmed, McDaniels holstered his weapon but remained close to ensure the situation didn’t escalate. “As soon as she saw my laser on her chest, she stopped, became stone cold, didn’t move or speak. I tried to get her to get out of the car, but she didn’t do anything until the cops got there,” McDaniels explained.

Meanwhile, the 74-year-old male victim held onto Perry’s foot to prevent her from driving off, while his wife remained in the passenger seat. “I think she was a little worked up, but he seemed pretty calm. He held her by the ankle and said he wouldn’t let go,” McDaniels said.

Thanks to McDaniels’ quick action and the victim’s determination, the situation was contained until law enforcement arrived. Perry was subsequently arrested and is currently being held at the Volusia County Jail without bond.

Reflecting on the incident, McDaniels expressed relief that he could help. “I come from a small town in North Carolina where people help each other,” he said. “I just couldn’t sit there and watch that transpire in a different way.”

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of community vigilance and the potential life-saving role that responsible firearm ownership can play in ensuring public safety.

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