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CA Homeowner Shoots Two, Kills One In Armed Robbery Attempt

GRANADA HILLS, CA – A homeowner was recently the target of an early morning armed robbery on Dec. 4, but he fought back, shooting two and killing one.

The robbery occurred before 5 a.m., so it’s probable that the break-in and ransacking of the home woke the homeowner up and alerted him to a robbery in progress.

There were three burglars that had entered the home, according to NBC Los Angeles. When confronted by the homeowner, one of the robbers pointed a weapon at him, prompting the homeowner to fire on them.

Two of the robbers were hit, one of whom was hit multiple times.

A child and the child’s grandmother – ostensibly the homeowner’s child and their mother – were also in the home.

Police received a call near 5 a.m., finding a blood trail leading out of the home and one of the burglars, Abednego Adre, dead at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds. Adre, aged 20, was recently acquitted of murder charges stemming from a drive-by shooting case from 2021.

A black BMW sedan was also recovered at the scene as an ostensible getaway vehicle. The Los Angeles Police Department is still investigating, but charges have not yet been – and may not be – filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

Staying Up On Local Events And The Benefits Of Responding Quickly

The area where the incident occurred has recently been a hotspot for crime. Police reported that 5 home invasions/burglaries had occurred in the same area within a month of the incident, at least one assault with a deadly weapon, and several car thefts as well.

All crime is local. Put it like this: while there are all kinds of headlines about crime in the city of Chicago, most of that city, by volume, is peaceful and as safe as anywhere else. It’s just that the parts that are bad are really bad, and that same idea – crime occurs where it occurs – applies to every city you can name.

Ergo, pay attention to any patterns in crime in your area.

Also, there’s value in quickly responding if you have to.

The homeowner was woken up by the robbery, went out with a gun, and did not have long to get on target and deliver shots. If you must confront trouble, be prepared to start shooting. If he had gone out and tried to reason with them, the robbers might have shot him.

Instead, one of the men who broke into his home first thing in the morning is dead, and another has a hole in him that wasn’t there before.

And that’s one more for the good guys.

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