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CA Homeowner with CCW Holds Two Burglary Suspects at Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive

MERCED, CA – A resident’s quick thinking and lawful use of a firearm led to the apprehension of two burglary suspects in Merced, CA this past Saturday.

Deputies, responding to a call about a burglary in progress, found the alleged intruders being held at gunpoint by the homeowner. The suspects’ vehicle had become stuck in a ditch, containing items belonging to the homeowner’s late mother.

Both individuals, identified as Della Almanza and Jake Bailey, now face burglary charges along with other warrants.

While this incident ended without harm to the homeowner and led to the successful capture of the suspects, it brings to light the inherent risks of holding an intruder at gunpoint. Such situations can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous, highlighting the importance of cautious judgment and preparedness.

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