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Chicago Homeowner Shoots Intruder in the Back During Break-in Attempt

CHICAGO, IL — An attempted burglary in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood led to a homeowner shooting and critically injuring a suspect early Sunday morning.

Local media reported that the incident unfolded around midnight in the 8100 block of South Champlain Avenue. According to the Chicago Police Department, a 50-year-old man was attempting to break into a residence when the homeowner, a registered concealed carry holder, shot him in the back.

Emergency services quickly responded, and the wounded suspect was transported to the University of Chicago Hospital in critical condition.

Shooting an intruder in the back raises complex legal and ethical questions. Typically, self-defense laws require that the person using deadly force be in imminent danger of bodily harm. The fact that the intruder was shot in the back could suggest he was possibly fleeing or not facing the homeowner at the time of the shooting, which might complicate the legal justification for using deadly force.

The case is under thorough investigation by Area Two detectives, who will examine the circumstances of the shooting to determine its legality under Illinois law and the specifics of the state’s self-defense statutes.

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