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Chicago Mom Waits Hours For Police After Home Invasion Call

A Chicago mom is questioning the police response time after two men broke into her Wicker Park home, causing her to wait over four hours for officers to arrive following her 911 call.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (4-minute read) — A Chicago mom is raising questions about the police response after two men broke into her Wicker Park home, with four hours elapsing before officers arrived following her 911 call. It’s no secret that Chicago Police response time has had it’s time in the spotlight, and not in a good way.

The homeowner, Michelle, wishes to remain anonymous because the intruders have not been apprehended. She recounts that she had left her door open around 12:30 p.m. after letting her dog out, when two masked men entered her home.

Michelle and a neighbor pursued the men before she dialed 911. “They told me dispatch was on the way and to wait outside,” she said. However, despite her repeated calls to 911—six in total—no officers arrived promptly. On her sixth call, she spoke to a supervisor who apologized and admitted there were no units available to send.

“He recommended I call my alderman to encourage him to hire more police,” she recounted. The dispatcher also asked if she would consider defending herself, suggesting she get a firearm.

Eventually, after more than four hours, officers arrived at Michelle’s home. “The officers who did show up cared and were apologetic it took so long to get them there,” she said.

Chicago Police attributed the delay to the prioritization system for dispatch calls, noting that if there’s no immediate threat to life, it may be considered a lower priority.

Michelle has since reached out to the alderman’s office and is awaiting an in-person meeting. She emphasized that she does not blame the police department, recognizing that they are overwhelmed and understaffed.

Safety Tip: Always ensure your home is secured, especially after letting pets in or out. Consider investing in a security system to alert you and authorities of any breaches immediately.

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