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Concealed Carry Holder Shoots Assailant Who Pulled a Gun on Him in Road Rage Incident in Illinois

CRESTWOOD, IL – A road rage incident escalated to a fatal shooting on Monday afternoon, leaving a 35-year-old man dead. Crestwood Police Officers responded to the area of 132nd and Cicero around 3:02 P.M. after receiving reports of shots fired.

Upon arrival, officers discovered the man in traumatic arrest. Immediate aid, including CPR, was provided by officers until Crestwood Fire Department Paramedics arrived. The victim was then transported to Christ Hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

The investigation revealed that the incident began as a road rage altercation. The two vehicles involved, a tow truck and a Buick Enclave, reportedly crashed near Cal-Sag Road and Cicero. The drivers continued south on Cicero and turned into the access road to Rivercrest Mall.

Once both vehicles stopped, it is believed that the driver of the tow truck pulled out a gun, prompting the other driver, who holds a valid concealed carry permit, to also draw his firearm. The concealed carry holder fired one shot, striking the tow truck driver.

Crestwood Police have confirmed that this was an isolated incident with no further risk to the public. The surviving driver is cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

The Crestwood Police Department urges anyone who witnessed the event to contact detectives at 708-371-4800.

Road Rage: Tips for Maintaining Physical and Legal Safety

This incident underscores the volatile nature of road rage and the potentially deadly consequences when firearms are involved. While it remains unclear which driver initiated the confrontation or whether it could have been avoided, the tragic outcome serves as a stark reminder of the importance of de-escalation in heated situations.

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