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Daylight Carjacking Thwarted: Lincolnton Man Defends Against Knife-Wielding Thief

LINCOLNTON, NC – In broad daylight at a Lincolnton gas station, a customer’s quick action turned the tables on an attempted carjacking. Police reported that 39-year-old Billy Ray Galloway from Denver entered the customer’s car brandishing a knife in an attempt to steal the vehicle. The would-be victim, defending his property, drew a firearm and shot Galloway in the leg, halting the robbery attempt.

The incident, which unfolded on Sunday around 5:30 p.m. at a BP gas station on East Main Street, prompted local Aysia Silvers to call 911. Silvers, who witnessed the event while refueling her car, recounted the swift and shocking confrontation that left Galloway injured but alive. She described the surreal moment of hearing the argument and witnessing the shooting, all while ensuring she remained composed to alert authorities.

Galloway, found by Lincolnton Police at the scene, was treated for minor injuries before being arrested by the Gastonia Police Department. Charged with attempted robbery, he is now in custody at the Gaston County jail. This bold daylight incident highlights the unpredictable nature of crime and the decisive role that self-defense can play in such scenarios. According to witness accounts, the response from the driver, now identified as the victim, was an act of self-defense in a rapidly escalating situation.

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