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Easter Morning Defense: McPherson Resident Shoots Intruder in Abdomen During Home Invasion

MCPHERSON, KS – A residential neighborhood experienced a tense moment in the early hours of Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024, when a homeowner was forced to defend his home from an intruder.

The McPherson Police Department reported that at approximately 3:29 am, they responded to a shooting in the 400 Block of East Avenue A, where a 41-year-old homeowner encountered an individual attempting to breach his residence. The homeowner discharged his firearm once in self-defense, striking the suspect in the abdomen. The injured suspect was subsequently transported by McPherson EMS to Hutchinson Regional Hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

This incident, thankfully isolated with no further danger to the public, underscores a critical aspect of home safety: the challenge of dealing with unexpected visitors, particularly potential threats. It brings to light important strategies for homeowners to consider in safeguarding their homes against unauthorized entry.

One pivotal measure is the prevention of easy entry, emphasizing the importance of robust doors, early warning systems, and accessible weapons for defense. The McPherson incident exemplifies the dire scenarios homeowners may face, including the distressing decision to use lethal force. Our article “Home Defense Considerations: Answering the Door” provides valuable insights into minimizing risks when confronted with strangers at one’s doorstep. It strongly advises against opening the door to unknown visitors, advocating for communication through the door or via intercom systems to avoid putting oneself in a vulnerable position.

Moreover, the incident highlights the significance of home carry – the practice of keeping a firearm on one’s person even while at home. This approach ensures immediate access to protection should a threat materialize, as seen in the McPherson case where the homeowner’s preparedness allowed him to effectively confront and stop the intruder.

Additionally, the use of technology such as intercom systems equipped with cameras can offer a safer way to identify visitors without direct exposure. These systems, preferably installed away from the door, can provide a strategic advantage, allowing homeowners to assess and respond to potential threats from a position of safety.

In light of the McPherson shooting and the advice outlined in the “Home Defense Considerations: Answering the Door,” homeowners are reminded of the critical importance of vigilance, preparedness, and the implementation of safety measures to protect themselves and loved ones. The unfortunate necessity to defend oneself within one’s home illustrates the unpredictable nature of threats and the paramount importance of being equipped to respond effectively. This incident serves as a somber reminder of the ever-present need to prioritize home security and personal safety in an increasingly uncertain world.

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