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Florida man shoots family dog in the face during argument over infidelity: police

A Florida man was arrested this week on animal cruelty charges after he allegedly shot the family dog in the face during a fight about whether he cheated on his fiancée, officials said. 

Farhad Deiham, 41, had allegedly threatened to shoot everyone in his home, including two children, after he was confronted about cheating allegations, Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said in a Tuesday press conference. 

After officers arrived at the home on Monday night, they found the dog, Louie, hiding, “gushing blood from his neck and his face.”

Surveillance video that the sheriff’s department showed at the press conference appeared to show Deiham shoot the pit bull mix outside of the home. The dog falls over in the video and can be heard screaming and crying. 


“These screams continued after the video cuts out,” Marceno said. “The dog showed zero aggression and only wanted to be loved.” 

Louie was taken to a pet hospital where he got immediate care and was “sweet and loving with everyone he came into contact with,” Marceno said. He is expected to make a full recovery, “but we need some time to fully heal the wounds on his face,” he added. 

Deiham has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty. “He won’t cheat his way out of this one,” Marceno said. 

Police Chief Carmine Marceno petting Louie


Louie showed up looking healthy at the press conference later and was given a cupcake by Marceno who said: “Today is Louie’s birthday as far as I’m concerned.” 

He added after Louie ate his cupcake: “As you can see, this is an amazing dog with a lot of love to give.” 

“Our suspect, he’s committed one thing, of being a scumbag. After 13 years of being in a relationship, a domestic relationship, the only thing he committed to is being that. He hasn’t committed to his relationship ‘cause he’s cheated his way out and now shoots a dog.”

Louie with a bloody face

Deiham doesn’t have a violent criminal history, but his name will go on an animal abuse registry, and he won’t be allowed to own a dog for five years if he’s convicted.

The children in the home were unharmed and the Department of Children and Families has been notified about the incident. It’s unclear whose children they were. 

“We found Louie the dog literally just suffering and bleeding outside hiding,” Marceno reiterated. “It’s not just a dog or just an animal. I know there are people, unfortunately, out there who think that,” he said. “It’s also the mindset of the person that does this act. If they don’t care for animal, I’m telling you now, those are flags like you’ve never seen. Because that shows a particular mindset. It’s someone that has no heart.”

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