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Former high school wrestler takes down Indiana sandwich shop attacker: 'You should stand up for people'

A former high school wrestler took matters into his own hands when he witnessed a customer at his local Indianapolis, Ind. Subway restaurant attacking an employee. 

Gabriel Pitzulo joined “Fox & Friends First” Thursday to discuss what happened on March 22 when he walked into the sandwich shop on his lunch break.

It was just another normal day at work, I was going to my local Subway where I go all the time,” Pitzulo said. “As I walk in, it was pretty hectic. People yelling, it was kind of loud.” 


In the incident, which was caught on store surveillance video, Pitzulo said the attacker threw something at the employee and spit on her. That’s when he decided to tackle the suspect and hold him to the ground while bystanders locked the door and called police.

“It wasn’t cool,” Pitzulo said, adding there were “some words back and forth” between him and the suspect for about three minutes until law enforcement arrived.

“The cops got there. I helped him put the cuffs on, and they thanked me and told me what I did was very brave,” he said.

Pitzulo, who works as a welder, said while he hadn’t considered a career in law enforcement, he has discussed opportunities that could come from stopping the alleged attacker. 

“I haven’t really been turning down interviews because I do want to get this out there for the young men. There’s a lot of talk nowadays of toxic masculinity, and I’m really trying to, you know, push this narrative that you should stand up for the people, innocent people, people in your local neighborhood. And, you know, that’s kind of what I take from it,” he said.

The suspect, Daniel Saunders, was charged with battery injury, battery resulting in bodily injury and disorderly conduct-fighting/tumultuous conduct, according to police records.

Pitzulo said his family was proud of him, adding that his father was a professional cage fighter.

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