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GLOCK 17 Survives In The Ocean For 6 Months, Functions Perfectly

A GLOCK 17 lost in a kayak accident was recovered after nearly six months in the water, proving the firearm’s exceptional durability. The owner restored it to full functionality, showcasing the impressive resilience of GLOCK pistols.

Once upon a time, a GLOCK 17 was lost in a kayak accident. This is a true story, unlike the typical ‘boating accident jokes’ we hear about all the time.

Recently, in the Facebook group GLOCK NATION, a user shared a story and photos illustrating just how much a GLOCK handgun can endure and still function.

We have permission from the author to share his story and photos. Here’s the story that was shared, followed by the photos provided:

Happy Glocktober!… Just wanna share my 1st hand Glock reliability/durability experience. Lost from a kayaking accident, it sat in ocean floor until a fisherman snagged it nearly half a year later. Local PD did ballistics and successfully fired in the condition it was found. A detective came knocking on my door saying they found her. I’ve since cleaned the rust and muck, sand blasted, re coated, changed the trigger and firing pin spring and no issues whatsoever. This is why Glock is the standard and will always be my no.1 carry. This is my Glocktimony

A GLOCK 17 That’s Here To Stay

The photos detail his journey from receiving the firearm from the police station to restoring it to working condition. It’s impressive, to say the least.

Glock 17 recovered from the ocean

A GLOCK 17 Underwater in the Ocean? No Problem!

It’s remarkable that the firearm was found in the first place and even more impressive that it made it back to the owner. The fact that he could transform a pile of corrosion back into a functional firearm is also notable, as many of us lack the skills or patience to do so.

Safety Tip: Always clean and properly maintain your firearm to ensure its reliability and safety.

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