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Growing Legal Hostility Towards Legitimate Self-Defense

A strategy used by those who wish to undermine the stability of society, particularly in recent years, is that of progressive, soft-on-crime prosecutors. For those who remain woefully unaware of this trend, look at the crime statistics in places like New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and many other large urban areas, and do some research into the District Attorneys in these locations. These DAs have all but declared that they will not press charges on any crimes short of violent felonies. Therefore, criminal activity runs rampant in such vicinities.  

However, make no mistake; the same progressive district attorneys that allow repeat offenders right back out onto the street will come down with the weight of the earth on any law-abiding citizen who dares defend against the beloved criminal actor. We have seen this over and over again. A case of clear-cut, obvious, justifiable self-defense, yet the innocent is prosecuted due to the political motivations of the district attorney in that vicinity. This is a very real and very dangerous trend that is a foremost attack on our civil liberties.

There is a great deal of theory as to why these DAs are so soft on crime. Perhaps it is intentional to foster chaos so that the public outcry for more government intervention grows. Still, there is no disputing that the same faction that seeks to empower the violent lawbreaker also hates the law-abiding self-defender. To any rational individual, it should be obvious that voting for a DA who refuses to prosecute criminals yet rabidly attacks law-abiding citizens who defend innocent lives is a prescription for disaster. Yet, here we are. This societal suicide pact seems to have no end in sight as these people keep getting elected and re-elected.

How does this trend affect the law-abiding, armed citizen? The simple reality is this: the crime-ridden, urban environments where you are most likely in need of defending yourself are that way due to these progressive policies, and the locations that are most dangerous are also dominated by DAs that will seek to take your freedom from you for legitimate self-defense.  How can you mitigate this threat?


The best way to escape the physical and legal threat of violence is to, of course, avoid it if at all possible. A prudent individual should realize that avoiding setting foot in such urban, dystopian hellscapes is the best option. Unfortunately, many people are stuck living in such environments due to life obligations or must travel to such places for work. If you cannot avoid these awful criminal-empowerment zones, then you must do your best to avoid running into violent victimization while there. Awareness of your environment is of paramount importance. Give strange-acting people plenty of space. Do not get involved in third-party affairs. Avoid confrontation at all costs.

Defending Strangers: Legal and Practical Considerations

Intimate Understanding of Use-of-Force Law

You must be intimately familiar with the laws that govern the use of force, as a malicious prosecutor will exploit any mistake made. Suppose you are forced to defend yourself in such a jurisdiction. In that case, there is a high probability that, no matter how clearly justified your actions, you will get prosecuted by the DA to be made an example that declares, “Violent criminals are a protected class; law-abiding citizens are expected to be victimized.” Ask the bodega owner in New York City, who defended himself against a thug armed with a knife, how that went for him.  The reality is that your fate may ultimately hang in the hands of a jury that the prosecutor will put you in front of. If this is the case, then your legal use of force must be rock-solid. Carrying weaponry yet not knowing the law is a prescription for disaster regardless of the location, but it is especially hazardous when spending time in places with progressive, pro-criminal prosecutors.  

Self-Defense Legal Coverage

Now is the time to be sure you are a member of one of the legal coverage organizations. Should you find yourself in the crosshairs of a prosecutor who wishes to ruin your life for your audacity to defend yourself against one of their believed thugs, then you will want the resources of a legal protection organization behind you. There was a time when most who were knowledgeable about the justice system would submit that if a self-defender did everything right under the law, they would be unlikely to get prosecuted as district attorneys don’t pick fights they can’t win. That is no longer the case. For many prosecutors, the process is the punishment. Even if a jury will most likely find the defendant not guilty, many prosecutors are willing to punish the self-defender with the life-ruining process, which is the court ordeal.  Should your fate rest in the hands of a jury, you need the resources behind you that a coverage organization can provide.

We live in a time where justice has given way to political ideology and intentionally destructive policy, and the armed citizen must be cognizant of the new normal.

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